Brock Lesnars sparring partner gets beat down in UFC debut

Chris Tuchscerer (17-2)

Chris Tuchscerer (17-2)

Big man and sparring partner to UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, Chris Tuchscherer seemed as if he could have the potential to become a rising star in the UFC. That was until he got in the ring with the big Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga.

Gonzaga who was previously knocked out in the first round by a man (Shane Carwin) with a similar wrestling backround as Tuchscherer, decided that on this night that he would be the one doing the knocking out. 2:27 into the round the big Brazilian Gonzaga TKO’d Brock Lesnars main sparring partner.

This is interesting because we must look at the bigger picture here and that bigger picture is Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin. Let’s look at the history a little bit.

Carwin def Gonzaga via first round KO

Gonzaga def Tuchscherer (Brock Lesnars main sparring partner) via first round TKO

Georges St Pierre has always said that he tries to always make his training a lot harder than his fight which makes a lot of sense right? If such a great champion as GSP says this, then it must be true. It’s GSP! Anyway, with that being said and Chris Tuchscherer being Brock Lesnars main sparring partner, where does that leave Brock when he fights a man his size with more KO power? We will see at 106.


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