UFC 102 Recap

UFC 102 was a a great event that had it’s upset personally for me. Even though I was only 3/5 with my predictions this event, something else happened at UFC 102 that still has me shocked. Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague ( my fellow Canadian) got knocked out by Todd Duffee in 7 seconds. This 7 second KO is now the fastest KO in the UFC history. CURSE WORD! But that’s alright I guess because he has one more fight left on his contract to prove himself and he wasn’t even on the main card. So lets get to the main card and see where I predicted right and where I predicted wrong.

1st Fight: Brandon “The Truth” Vera vs Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski – This fight was mostly an all out striking battle with The Truth displaying better striking. The Polish experiment got a take down late into the first round but that round still went to Vera. The second round was more striking with Vera getting a take down near the end of the round. Vera then secured his victory in the third round with his striking.

My Prediction: Brandon Vera by decision

Result: Brandon Vera wins by decision


2nd Fight: Damian Maia vs Nate “The Great” Marquardt

“He looks like he is going to try to stand with him”. “Don’t try and stand with him”. “TAKE HIM DOWN!!!”. “Oh shit.” “Do you see what happened?” “You got knocked out because you tried to stand with him”. These were my words during the 21 seconds leading up to the KO of Damian Maia. Damian Maia, a world class Jiu Jitsu expert tried to stand with The Great Nate Marquardt. Damn!

My Pick: Damian Maia via Submission

Result: Nate Marquartd wins via KO


3rd Fight: Jake Rosholt vs Chris “The Crippler” Leben

With back and foreward action the entire time, it was obvious that Jake Rosholt had been pulling in the points in both the 1st and 2nd. Jake Rosholt showing dominance and great top control in the 3rd attemps an arm triangle choke on Leben and doesn’t get it. The he attemps again for the arm triangle choke and he gets it and chokes out Chris Leben. Leben tapped twice but the ref was too late to stop it and Leben passed out.

My Pick: Jake Rosholt via decision

Result: Jake Rosholt wins via Submission


4th Fight: “The Dean of Mean” Keith Jardine vs Thiago Silva

Another one of the shorter rounds on the card, this one was all about the striking until BOOM! Thiago Silva has a short night at the office, knocking out Keith Jardine at 1min 45 seconds in the round.

My Pick: Thiago Silva def Keith Jardine via TKO

Result: Thiago Silva wins via KO


Main Card Fight of The Night: Randy “The Natural” Couture vs Minotauro Nogueira

Thru out this entire fight it was clear that age was a factor for the 45 year old UFC hall of famer Randy Couture. This fight showed the true heart of a warrior with Randy Couture. Each round Randy was getting beat down but he showed his resilance in front of his home town crowd dodging submissions by the submission expert Minotauro.

My Pick: Randy Couture by decision

Result: Minotauro wins via decision

Another UFC event down and plenty more to go. 3/5 isn’t exactly 4/5 like last time but I’m still happy with it. Each of my picks were against the Vegas odds and that makes it even more gratifying. ThatMMAGuy of youtube never accepted my challenge (and even deleted my posts on his website) and it’s a good thing that he did not because I would have won. He would have had 2/5 to my 3/5. So that being said, although he did not accept my challenge to become the real ThatMMAGuy, I won the challenge and that makes me the one and only………..


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