Upcoming Strikeforce Events

ShoMMA5: Tyron Woodley vs Rudy Bears – Coming to the Memorial Hall in Kansas City Kansas, Strikeforce presents a card with Randy Coutures ex-wife Kim Couture. Also the impressive Tyron Woodley will be headlining. This card will take place on November 20th 2009.

Strikeforce Evolution: Le vs Smith- Coming to the HP Pavilion in San Jose California, Strikeforce has again put together a good card with a few veterans including Matt Lindland, Robbie Lawler and Cung Le as well as a few up and comers in King Mo, Jacare and Scott Smith. This is a must see and the card takes place on December 19th 2009.

Strikeforce 19- No details as of yet to the fighters on the card but this event will take place on January 30th 2010.


4 Responses to “Upcoming Strikeforce Events”

  1. thatmmaguy Says:

    This will be updated when headliners are named, and if both the location and dates are set.

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