ThatMMAGuy interviews Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley

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ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with TUF 7 alum and current Strikeforce welterweight contender Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley. Paul talks about his dismissal from The Ultimate Fighter, whether or not Rampage Jackson is truly a bad coach, how stressful it is to fight 5 months apart and his predictions for tonight’s Strikeforce Nashville event.

Ryan Justason: Other than fighting, you have another job. Can you tell us about your other job?

Paul Bradley: I actually after this last fight, I found another job because it was stressful and hard to get a fight paycheck. I just picked up a part-time work as a personal trainer at the LA Fitness in Roseville, MN.

RJ: So you prefer fighting?

Paul Bradley: Yeah definitely. I mean, that’s my number 1 priority and that’s why I’m only doing this whole personal training thing part-time. I have an awesome boss who hooks me up big time and he basically told me that I could make my own schedule. I haven’t missed a beat as far as training and I train just as much, if not more now. It’s a job that’s pretty sweet. Good gig.

RJ: You were on The Ultimate Fighter season 7 but had to leave due to unfortunate circumstances. Can you tell us about that experience?

Paul Bradley: You know, it was getting bad. I look back on it. When it first happened, I was pretty upset and angry but at the same time, I actually don’t think I was probably ready. I think I would have done well on the show but I was primarily a a wrestler and hadn’t trained much. Although I got kicked off for the whole skin funk and all that, it was kind of like a blessing in disguise. It gave me the chance to really start training full time and put my full effort [into it]. As I said, I think I could have done well on the show but at the same time, I don’t think I was ready for the UFC.

RJ: Is Rampage as bad a coach as everybody says he is?

Paul Bradley: I only had a short time on the show and with Rampage but he had a really good striking coach [Juanito Ibarra]. Overall, he didn’t really get to coach me so I can’t really say he was bad. If you do watch the show, you could say he’s not a good coach (laughs). Pretty much, you can go by what he says himself. I’m not sure that he’s a bad coach but Rampage pretty much puts it out there that he is so I guess so.

RJ: You are a 5 foot 9 middleweight. James Toney is also 5 foot 9. Do you think James Toney should fight at 185?

Paul Bradley: Actually, I don’t even fight at 185 anymore. I now fight at 170. My last fight, I fought at 185 but now I’m 170. As far as James Toney goes, I think he can be fine at 185, it’s just a matter of getting inside on guys. He’s been doing that [boxing] his whole life and getting in tight on people.

RJ: You last fought in February at the Strikeforce Challengers 6 event. What happened in that fight?

Paul Bradley: You know, I kind of got off my game-plan. He [Luke Rockhold] had said that he wanted me to stand-up and bang. I kind of fell more into his game-plan. That’s also why I fight at 170 because I don’t have to fight giants going around 6 foot 3, 6 foot 4. I kind of followed his game-plan and got into a striking match with him and I got caught right away. Although I thought I was recovered, I guess I never really recovered. I just didn’t recover and I got dropped with a knee to the body. I actually went down thinking I’ll just pull him in and I’ll keep a tight guard and recover. It is what it is. The ref was looking out for my safety even though I definitely would have liked the fight to go on longer.

RJ: Are you still signed with Strikeforce?

Paul Bradley:  Yeah. Right now they’re looking at June or July, more than likely July. To be honest, I’m not really happy with that. I mean, I kind of feel like I did them a favor by moving up to 185 and I feel like I should be able to fight sooner than 5 months in between fights. It is what it is and they actually allow me to take fights outside the organization with smaller venues. At the same time, I hate being inactive for 5 months. I mean, that’s just kind of ridiculous for me. You know, I’m not the UFC champ, I’m not the Strikeforce champ and I’m not defending my belt 3 times a year and making a huge pay-day like those guys. Hopefully I can figure something out sooner than later.

RJ: Gegard Mousasi or King Mo?

Paul Bradley: I’m going to say King Mo’s going to take out Mousasi.

RJ: Gilbert Melendez or Shinya Aoki?

Paul Bradley: That’s a tough one because Melendez is constantly getting better. I’m going to say Aoki just because of his leg locks. If Melendez can keep it standing, it’s actually going to work for Aoki because he can use the cage to get him down there. So I’m going to go with Aoki by leg lock.

RJ: Dan Henderson or Jake Shields?

Paul Bradley: I’m going to say Hendos too much for Shields. Shields can pull off the stop but Hendos just too heavy- handed. I think his striking is better with his heavy hands. It’s also going to be very hard for Shields to get the fight to the ground.

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank Paul Bradley for his time and we can’t wait to see him back in action. Paul would also like to to thank his manager Danny Knowles for all the help he has been to Pauls career.


ThatMMAGuy interviews the great Ryan Loco

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ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with a very popular face in MMA, the Ryan Loco. Other than being the girlfriend to Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Loco is also the star of “The Loco Life” which is featured on In this interview, Loco talks about Loco Life, how Mayhem Miller has been “Hollywood” since he was 5 and what movies an aspiring MMA writer should watch before attempting to write. Check out the awesomeness below.

Ryan Justason: How did you get involved in MMA?

Ryan Loco: I’ve always been a fan of MMA ever since I was a little kid. I remember renting it. I think UFC 2, maybe UFC 1. I rented it with Russel Long. That’s right, the Russel Long when I was in elementaryschool. My buddy Evan Shoman was pencil drawing all the MMA fighters so what would happen was he would have to go deliver the drawings to the guys and he didn’t want to drive alone so he always asked me to tag along. So yeah you know, I don’t mind being the road dog and I loved to tag along and meet all these guys. I eventually became friends with a lot of them and started my love affair with Mayhem Miller. We just started making stupid videos and messing around and the rest is history.

RJ: Like Mayhem, you left Triumph United. What’s the story behind that?

Ryan Loco: Yeah you know, I left Triumph United in June. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Triumph. I learned so much stuff being there and I met tones of great people. I just started to branch off and do my own thing and focus on myself. I just don’t think I could dedicate the time necessary towards Triumph. So rather than taking up space and collecting the paycheck that I didn’t really feel it was worth, I decided to do my own stuff. I have no problem with them and I wish them the best.

RJ: Many fans are accusing Mayhem Miller of being “Hollywood” since he became the host of MTV’s Bully Beatdown. Is that accurate?

Ryan Loco: I think Mayhem has been “Hollywood” ever since he was 5 years old and I mean that in the nicest, most flattering way possible. As far as going “Hollywood” in offence in regarding his fans, I think he’s one of the nicest in MMA. Always approachable, always accessible. I think if you go up to him, you will get a full experience. Your not just getting a little photo taken and that’s it. Your getting a hi-five, your getting jokes and your getting a good time. So I think a lot of people are getting this thing for Mayhem just because he’s out there and having fun. He’s doing what he loves to do and a lot of people get mad at that. Maybe it’s a form of jealousy. I don’t know for anyone else but he’s doing big things. I’ve always known that this is what he should be doing so I’m proud of him. I want him to take full advantage of the opportunities that come his way because he deserves it. That man was on Myspace grinding it when noone else was. He fully understand the marketing aspect. Props to him.

RJ: Why did you say that Brock Lesnar was the greatest thing to happen in MMA?

Ryan Loco: I being a little kid at heart, have always been a pro-wrestling fan. I still am. I really enjoy the villain aspect of having someone to root against. I think that having a “bad guy” in this sport is a good thing. It gives fans someone to cheer against so now what happens is instead of having 2 guys in the ring that everybody likes, you have a guy like Brock Lesnarwho automatically everybody hates. So now you have a bunch of new fans tuning in. No necessarily because they want the other guy to win but because they want to see Brock Lesnar lose so badly. In this sport, it’s good to have personality. It’s good to have a villain and someone to boo.

RJ: Rumor has it that you quit drinking. Is this true and why?

Ryan Loco: I did stop drinking. I think my last big hoo-rah was in July for the UFC Fan Expo. It was a whirlwind weekend where I just went bananas. Now it’s been nice to go to a bar and remember everything. I think that when I’m representing a company and I’m going to events so I want to put my best foot forward. I don’t want to be that slobbering drunk guy who is screaming and yelling like I probably was in 2009. I don’t want to have to talk to Dana White and company like that.

RJ: Do you train MMA and have you ever considered fighting in the ring or cage?

Ryan Loco: I do train. Absolutely. I love it to death. As far as stepping into an octagon or anything like that, that would never happen because my mom would cry and I have what many consider a “money maker.” I have this beautiful face that was given to me by my parents and the grace of God. I really can’t do anything to jeopardize it. It’s like Yo Yo Ma who can’t do anything to damage his hands because that would ruin his craft. You know, they insure Jennifer Lopez’s legs and everything like that so it’s just like this face. This beautiful ensemble of nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks and beard is just too beautiful. It would be like smashing the Mona Lisa.

RJ: For future and current MMA writers, can you give any advice on how to be the next Ryan Loco?

Ryan Loco: (Laughs) Watch the movies Airborne  and War Games or you will never be successful at writing MMA. In regards to myself, I have always said that I officially have no idea what I do but I just know that nobody does it better. My thing for everyone who is out there trying to make it, there is a thing where you just can’t stop and just can’t quit. Never let negativity get you down. I heard it all the time with people saying “get a real job” and “this is never going to work out.” Then again these are all people who didn’t care enought to hit my links and tell me how much I suck. I get a certain joy out of people telling me my stuff is bad because they continue to check it everyday so at the end of the day, who really wins? For people who are trying to make a name for themselves, you have to be able to take rejection and move forward to make it. Just brush off that negative energy and continue to move forward.

RJ: What can we expect from future Loco Lifes?

Ryan Loco: You never know what’s going to happen. I kind of fly by the seed of my pants which are designer pants by the way because I have them all made in Italy, no big deal. Air shipped everyweek. I can never predict what’s going to happen. I’ve done some crazy things and I try to film all of it. There has been some crazy things that hasn’t been filmed unfortunately but traveling to the WEC, the UFC, photoshoots and heading out to Vegas. It’s just going to be off the hook so stay tuned. It’s going to be featured on and so hopefully it starts to blow up. Even if it doesn’t blow up, I’m going to still do em because my grandmother loves to watch them.

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank Ryan Loco for his time. For more of your Loco needs, check him out at , and .

‘Shine Fights’ Worlds Collide: Mayorga vs Thomas nearly a brawl

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ThatMMAGuy was on hand to witness the near brawl between ex boxing champ Ricardo Mayorga and MMA veteran Din Thomas at the Worlds Collide press conference in NYC. Check out the pushing and slapping above. This fight is going to be a good one and you can all watch it on pay-per-view May 15th or live in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

ThatMMAGuy interviews James “Sweetbod” Barris

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ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with a man that is going to make waves in the sport of MMA and that man is James “Sweetbod” Barris. Ryan Justason sat down with James to talk about street fights, finding your right weight class and getting his rematch against a man he believes he already beat.

Ryan Justason: You train with a great team of Canadian fighters. Can you tell us about your gym and who you train with?

James Barris: Yeah. I train under Rino Belcastro at MFC Windor [Ontario]. We also train with Mark Hominicks gym with Sam Stout, Chris Horodeckiat there gym Adrenaline. Were mostly a stand-up gym and we focus on kickboxing but we do have a big ground game with Phil Navarro. We also on occasionhave Pan Am champ Jorge Britto with our Brazilian jiu jitsu. That’s about it.

RJ: You have had many fights as an amateur. Can you tell me about your amateur career thus far?

James Barris: I started fighting early. I started fighting like 3 weeks after training. I lost my first fight in the 3rd round. It was just inexperience, especially on the ground. My first few fights, I was here and there with heavierweight classes like 155, 145 and I was too small. I cut weight and basically started training and learned a lot more. My last few fights, I have won by knock out and armbar. My last fight was a decision against Zech Lange at Raging Wolf Productions.

RJ: Currently you are looking forward to a rematch with a certain fighter. Can you tell us about that?

James Barris:Yeah. I was looking for a rematch with Zech Lange right now. It would actually be in October but where finding out what’s going on with that. The fight was very back and forth. I controlled most of the stand-up but he also was able to get the takedowns. On the ground, I felt like I dominated it. Basically we both feel like we won and it would be a great rematch. It would be a great fight for the fans.

RJ: Like many other fighters, you have tested the waters at different weight classes. Can you tell me about the difference it makes to fight at the right weight?

James Barris: Yeah. I’m 5 foot 6. For a guy who is my size and to be fighting at 155 and not being fairly large and wide; I’m 19 years old so I think that I should have dropped to 135. Since I’ve been there, I’ve had a lot of success and have done really well. This [135] is the weight I’m comfortable at.

RJ: So being 19, your not full grown yet right?

James Barris: Oh for sure. Soon as I started and the weight I have now, it’s helping me more because man strength makes a big difference. From the time I started and the time now, I’ve grown an inch and a half. I think man strength makes a big difference but technique will beat strength each time.

RJ: Since becoming a fighter, have you been in any street fights and if so, how did that go?

James Barris: Just one. It was actually at a house party for a friend and some kid thought he was tough. He tried to hit me and I ended up choking him and put him out. I actually helped him out after. I felt bad. I try to avoid that. We [fighters] try to avoid that.

RJ: Would you like to thank any sponsors?

James Barris: Yeah. I’d like to thank Throwin’ Bombs. They’ve helped me out throughout my career since I’ve moved down to 135. Andy’s [Hui] a great guy. I’d like to thank .

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank James “Sweetbod” Barris for his time. Also check out who has sponsored both James and I. Thank you Throwin Bombs.

UFC 112: Silva vs Maia Weigh-in results

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The UFC makes it’s way for the first time ever in the Middle East and the UFC is not playing around either. The card the UFC has brought to Abu Dhabi features two of the pound for pound best in Anderson “The Spyder” Silva and BJ “The Prodigy” Penn and both men will have their titles on the line. Also, every fighter actually made weight. Check out the results below.

Preliminary Card (Non-Televised):

Jon Madsen (252) vs Mostapha Al-Turk (235)

Matt Veach (155) vs Paul Kelly (156)

DaMarques Johnson (170) vs Brad Blackburn (170)

Nick Osipczak (170) vs Rick Story (169)

Paul Taylor (155) vs John Gunderson (154)

Phil Davis (204) vs Alexander Gustafsson (205)

Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):

Mark Munoz (185) vs Kendall Grove (185)

Terry Etim (154) vs Rafael dos Anjos (156)

Matt Hughes (170) vs Renzo Gracie (171)

BJ Penn (155) vs Frankie Edgar (154)

Anderson Silva (185) vs Damian Maia (184)

ThatMMAGuy interviews Rolles Gracie

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 got the chance to sit down with Rolles Gracie and discuss training, his last fight in the UFC and about his abrupt dismissal from the UFC after only one fight.

Ryan Justason: You defeated the 2nd ranked Judoka in Russia. Can you tell us about that fight?

Rolles Gracie: It was actually my first fight in China. It was my second fight in MMA. I was very surprised with the thing that they set up. So the event was very nice. The guy was tough and he gave me a hard time but I got on the choke. The rear naked choke.

RJ: Your last fight was against Joey Beltran where you fought with a broken fought. Why did you decide to fight?

Rolles Gracie: To be honest, I was so excited with the fight and going to the UFC. I kinda didn’t want to disappointthe people who wanted to see me fight from Canada, Mexico, just all over the place that wanted to see me fight. I thought that I could have that fight with a broken foot. I then realized during the fight that the foot wasn’t the problem. It was actually during training because I couldn’t train properly and I had to take the training lightly which my cardio went down. I think that was the biggest problem during the fight. It wasn’t the foot itself. I will be 100% for my next fight.

RJ: Was there a lot of pressure in that fight considering your Gracie name and all things considered?

Rolles Gracie: No man. I just felt normal pressure. It’s the same for every event whether it’s the UFC or not. But again, the problem was with the foot. People don’t really know what they are talking about to say that the pressure was from the name. I don’t really believe in that.

RJ: Considering your foot was broken, do you think it was a fair dismissal from the UFC?

Rolles Gracie: To be honest, I was very surprised. I was surprised with the dismissal. I’ve never heard of anybody who got dismissed with one fight. I don’t know what kind of expectations the expected. It was a very disappointing performance. I didn’t perform the way I wanted to. All my friends, all my training partners, everybody was shocked by my performance, including myself. I knew that the next fight, I had to prove a point. I was ready to make that but then the notice came and I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, I just got to train harder and work my way back to the UFC. I think the same way my name opened the door, it kind of shut the doors also. If I had beat Joey in a minute, they would have gave him another chance. I think I need another chance.

RJ: A study proved that Brazilian women get the most plastic surgery out of any women from any other countries. Why do you think that is?

Rolles Gracie: (Laughs) I don’t know man. It’s kind of new to me too (Laughs).

RJ: How’s training been going?

Rolles Gracie: Trainings going good. Right now I’m able to do some ground. I’ve been swimming and lifting some weights and ground. No wrestling, no takedown, no boxing and muay thai. Just working on my jiu jitsu game and I’ve been having fun with it.

RJ: Any word on your next fight?

Rolles Gracie: Not yet man. I just want to be able to train and everything. I want to work on that stuff. Right now, I just want to back away and be able to give it 100%. I have to be able to work properly with boxing, wrestling and muay thai to get another fight.

RJ: You share the mutual manager to Braulio Estima who I recently interviewed and he told me that your manager got him his 4 fight deal with Shine Fights. Are you also looking to fight for Shine Fights?

Rolles Gracie: Yeah. Actually, a lot of organizations have contacted my manager when they heard about the news. Not only is there the UFC but right now I just want to weigh my options and see what is best for me and my camp. My camp will actually decide and my manager, trainers and Renzo [Gracie]. I just want to worry about training and get my foot better.

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank Rolles for his time and also for being a great guy. I live near the NYC area and Rolles was nice enough to invite me to come train at his school or any Renzo Gracie school near me. Thanks Rolles!


ThatMMAGuy interviews Braulio Estima

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ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with grappling sensation Braulio Estima to talk about his recent signing with Shine Fights, his stand up game and his 1st MMA fight against accomplished grappler Rick Hawn.

Ryan Justason: What made you decide to pursue mixed martial arts?

Braulio Estima: I love to challenge myself, as I did well in my BJJ career, both with gi and without gi. I felt ready to represent my art in MMA, and I feel the reponsibility to represent my [BJJ] army.

RJ: You signed a four-fight deal with Shine Fights. Were you approached by Shine to fight or was it something you sought out?

Braulio Estima: I was training at the Renzo Gracie academy during a seminar tour of North America and I met Ali [Abdel Aziz], Renzo’s and Rolles [Gracie] manager, and he got in touch with Shine Fights. They liked my style and we made a deal.

RJ: Your opponent Rick Hawn is also an accomplished grappler. Can you tell us about Rick?

Braulio Estima: Rick is a great athelete. He has been to the Olympics, which is not for everone. He is a three-time [judo] champion, and a Pan-Am Games medalist. He’s also a very good striker, and 6-0 in MMA. I can only expect tough things from this fight.

RJ: Being known as a grappler, how is your standup game?

Braulio Estima: It’s a progress of development (laughs). Hopefully I will have a jab by the [day of the] fight (laughs).

RJ: You own the Gracie Barra gym with your brother Victor in Birmingham, England. Can you tell us what your gym offers?

Braulio Estima: We are a full-time BJJ academy. We focus on gi and no-gi training, and we also have kids programs. We build a foundation, teach the basics and advanced training. It’s a great family environment. Check out for more info.

RJ: What can we expect on May 15th in Fayetteville, North Carolina at the Shine Fights pay-per-view?

Braulio Estima: A great show where I will do my best to start my MMA career with the victory. I’ve been training hard for that; there is no day that I’m not sore. I’m in pieces right now (laughs), but on the way to train [again] (laughs).