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What’s Next for Anderson Silva?

Posted in What's Next for Anderson Silva? on August 11, 2009 by thatmmaguy
UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson The Spider Silva

UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson "The Spider" Silva

The 6 foot 2, 185 Brazilian Anderson “The Spider” Silva seems to be an unstoppable force with his playful KO display of Lightheavyweight former champ Forrest Griffin. That being said, what is next for the middleweight who made short work of 2 lightheavyweight contenders in the first round? Maybe Lightheavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida? Silva says it will never happen because the two UFC champions are butt buddies….. I mean good friends. So with Machida out, who does that leave for The Spider to fight if he only wants to fight the best?

Anderson Silva has been said to want to fight UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar. Some of you might ask whether this man is crazy for wanting to fight the gigantic American but I would say after his most recent display that he is not that crazy. Anderson Silva is only an inch shorter than Lesnar but obviously doesnt have the mass Brock does but at the same time Lesnar is nowhere as good as far as technique is concerned.  Smaller guys with great technique like Mr. Fedor who is 6 foot with a vodka belly have had sucess against much larger opponents so why not Silva considering most would argue that he is the best pound for pound but Dana may have different plans for the Middleweight Champ who has 3 fights left on his UFC contract.

Although this may be what the champ wants (to either move to lightheavy or heavy), Dana has different plans. Dana said (after the beating Dan Henderson put on Bisping) that Henderson would get a rematch at the Middleweight Champ. The first fight between the two ended with a rear naked choke in the 2nd although Henderson clearly won the 1st round with wrestling. Henderson appeared to get to excited in the 2nd and Silva took advantage. Henderson showed strong wrestling and that could be even tougher for Silva against a larger wrestler like Lesnar.

So I say to Silva, beat Henderson again and then think about Brock

-That MMA Guy