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The Soon to be Famous Silva Koing Forrest

Posted in MMA, UFC 101 Results with tags on August 9, 2009 by thatmmaguy

Heartbreaking for any underdog fan……….

Check out the results and compare them to my picks below!!!!!!!

UFC 101 Results and Comparison to My Picks

Posted in UFC 101 Results with tags on August 9, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Staredown between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin

Staredown between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin

UFC 101 was awesome and it was also upsetting for any Forrest Griffin fan. I was 4/5 for my picks and the one fight I was wrong about was the winner of the BJ Penn fight.

1st Main Card Fight: Kurt “Batman” Pelligrino vs Josh “The Dentist” Neer
My Pick: Pelligrino def Neer via Submission
Result: Pelligrino def Neer via Unanimous decision with all judges scoring the card at 30-27
Action: Neer looked better as a striker during the times that Pelligrino didn’t take him down and control him the entire time on the ground for an obvious win.
Controversy: While Pelligrino had Neer on the ground, Neer constantly but his hands up as if Pelligrino wasn’t doing much which I thought was BS because he wasn’t doing anything to get up while it was clear Pelligrino was working for position.

Main Card Fight #2: Ricardo “Cachorroa” Almeida vs Kendall “The Spider” Grove
My Pick: Almeida def Grove via Submission
Result: Almeida def Grove via Unanimous Decision with judges scoring the card 30-27
Action: Almeida uses strategy to keep the 6 foot 6 Grove against the cage until he can take Grove down which he did thru out the fight. Also Almeida controled Grove very well on the ground getting side control many times but not securing the submission. In the 3rd and from the bottom, Grove nearly caught Almeida in an armbar which Almeida found his way out of and secured the win.
Controversy: There isn’t any in this fight but I just wanted you all to know that the Vegas odds were against Almeida in this fight. Money!!!

Main Card Fight #3: Johnny Hendricks vs Amir Sadollah
My Pick: Hendricks def Sadollah via TKO
Results: Hendricks def Sadollah via TKO in the 1st round
Action: This was a very quick fight that only went to striking and Hendricks out striked Sadollah and the Ref stopped the fight declaring it a TKO.
Controversy: Joe Rogan and a lot of Phillys fans thought the Ref stopped the fight too soon bc it appeared that Sadollah was getting up although he was not protecting himself. I think the Ref did the right thing but I do think that he will catch some shit for it.

CO Main Event Fight: Anderson “Tha Spyder” Silva vs Forrest Griffin
My Pick: Silva def Griffin via Unanimous Decision
Result: Silva KO’s Griffin in the 1st
Action: The whole 1st round until the KO, it seemed as if Silva was just playing with Griffin and knowing that he could KO him at any time. This was true when he counter punched a flury of Griffins shots with a “knock on the door” style KO. It looked like Silva was knocking on the door to the sweet spot on Griffins chin.
Controversy: After loosing, Griffin got up and left ASAP before even taking an interview or even before the declaration of the winner. Sore looser? Who wouldn’t be after getting playfully smashed in after so much intense training? Heartbreaking really for my fellow Irishman. UPDATE: Forrest Griffin’s camp released earlier today that Griffin left due to a dislocated jaw suffered to the hands by Anderson Silva.

Main Card Fight: Lightweight Champ “The Prodigy” BJ Penn vs Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian
My Pick: Florian def Penn via TKO
Result: Penn def Florian via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Action: Between the stand up and the ground work, Florian did not win one round and basically held on to the 4th when BJ was able to secure Ken Flos back and then apply the Rear Naked Choke.
Controversy: There is non in this fight. The old BJ Penn is back, he just better quit talking that shit on GSP about alleged steroid use. You lose, people lose, get over it Crybaby Penn.

4/5 is not bad at all. I’ve been pretty accurate lately with my picks so I might even start betting on them but who knows, that could be a bad route.

-That MMA Guy