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Trainer Confirms Brock Lesnar Will Fight Again

Posted in Trainer says Brock Lesnar will fight again on January 14, 2010 by thatmmaguy

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnars Trainer Greg Nelson has revealed that the Champ would indeed be fighting again. He also wanted to assure people and fans that the Champ is making a slow but smart recovery.

Speaking this week on ESPN’s MMA Live, Nelson said:

“Brock Lesnar is definitely coming back to fight. And he’s just kind of coming up slowly, training, trying to get his body ready and being smart with his recovery. He’s been going into the doctor and making sure everything is going well for him and he’ll continue to go in for a couple more tests to make sure he is 100% ready to train when he starts up. He still has a few more things to go through.”

“I know that he’ll be able to come back but we’re not going to push the river at all. We want him to be 100% when he starts to train, but being the tough guy and athlete the majority of his life, he’s been able to deal with adversity like this, so I’m sure once he gets going. He’ll be at the top of his game real quick.”

The curve ball is next week’s press conference set to be hosted by UFC President, Dana White and Brock himself, details of which Nelson is totally in the dark over.

“That’s the surprise for everybody. I’m not sure or the expectations are at this point right now.”

This is great news for the Champ, fans and most importantly Frank Mir. Joking aside, it’s good to know that Brock Lesnar is in good condition and I’m sure every UFC fan and MMA fan alike will be tuning in to the press conference that he will be hosting along side UFC Prez Dana White.