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Top 10 “dream fights”

Posted in Top 10 "Dream Fights" on September 15, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Rampage Jackson (left), Rashad Evans (right)

Rampage Jackson (left), Rashad Evans (right)

Everyone has dream fights that they would like to see and I am no different. Whether you may want to see fights that would be great technically, fights between the best or fights that you know will go down as all out wars, everyone has thier reasons for wanting to see thier “dream fight”. I being the fan that I am want to see dream fights that that include all three categorys aswell as a forth being “personal beef”. So I am going to list my top 10 dream fights along with a description of why it would be good for any MMA fan.

10. Anderson Silva vs Brock Lesnar – There shouldn’t be any doubt that after Silva played around with and then KOed Forrest Griffin, that Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in MMA. That being said, he should fight at the top of the food chain and right now, that is Brock Lesnar. This is an interesting fight bc on the feet, Anderson would lay around with Brock but if taken to the ground, who knows? Could it be the first time Silva gets a KO on his record or is it even more obvious that he is the best.

9. Anderson Silva vs Fedor Emelianenko – Let’s put all this pound for pound talk away and get our answers. Silva is actually an inch taller than Emelianenko so there would be no size issue in this match. I have no idea what would happen in this match except for fireworks. Both men are very intelligent fighters and it would be interesting to see how each man approach themself. We could only hope.

8. Nick Diaz vs Jason “Mayhem” Miller – Has anyone ever seen Mayhem interview Diaz as he stands there openly mocking the bad boy of MMA Nick Diaz. Both men have been known for mocking opponents and just straight up going out there and fighting as if it were a street fight. This is a fight that would be an all out brawl and I guarantee you that not one fan would be sitting in thier seats. I have included the Mayhem interview with Diaz below.

7. Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza 3 – A lot of bad blood here between these two. These two met at Dream twice. The first fight resulted in a unanmious decision for Jacare with Mayhem saying that he (Miller) fought a dumb fight when he tried to play jiu jitsu with a world class bjj champion. After Gegard Mousasi moved up to lightheavyweight and left his DREAM middleweight championship behind, Mayhem vs Jacare 2 was set to find a new  DREAM middleweight champ. This fight is when the real bad blood between the two started to boil. During the first round Mayhem accidently punted Jacare in the head as he was falling but ultimately was already on the ground. This soccer style punt opened a big gash on Jacare’s head declaring the bout as a No Contest. Words were exchanged between the two that looked very hostile and proved that these dudes just don’t like each other. A 3rd fight was set for Dream this october until Jacare ended up signing with Strikeforce. Mayhem after finding this out tweeted on his twitter page the “Jacare is dodging me”. Check out there second fight below and look for the two fighters exchange in words.

6. Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin – This should be a very good match as both men are similar in size and backround. We will see if Lesnar continues to get better technically and we will see how Lesnar handles a guy his own size. Can’t wait for UFC 106 to find out but either way, one of these big guys are most likely getting KOed.

5. Gegard Mousasi vs Lyoto Machida – Here is a fight that many would say that the UFC lightheavyweight champ Lyoto Machida would easily take the Strikeforce lightheavyweight champ Mousasi but I don’t know about that. Gegard is very good and fights similar to Fedor Emelianenko. This would not be a standing fight which Lyoto might have issues with the ground and pound of Mousasi but if this stays on the feet, it would be an early night for Mousasi. Gegard Mousasi should really be in the UFC competeing with the best but he did make short work of one of the best in Babalu Sobral. Please come to the UFC Gegard and drop that shitty M1 Global management team of yours. Did you see what they did to Fedor?

4. BJ Penn vs Shinya Aoki – Number 1 and 2 ranked lightweights in the world BJ Penn (1) and Shinya Aoki (2) are fighting in two different organizations. That’s a shame bc these two men match up greatly bc both men have fantastic ground game and this fight would most likely end up on the ground. Although I do tend to watch the larger weight classes more often, I would rather see this fight than a fight between GSP and Jon Fitch. Sign Shinya UFC. Dana has expressed interest so lets hope.

3. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs “Suga” Rashad Evans – Do I even have to explain this one? These two guys do not like each other and badly want to KO the other. Not win, submit, TKO, they want to knock out the other. Both men are coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 10 (which starts tomorrow night on Spike) and have nearly attacked each other several times. Originally this fight was set for UFC 107 until Rampage had to opt out bc of his new role as B.A. Baracus in the upcoming A-Team movie. Every fan in MMA was looking foreward to this fight and like many of them, I am pissed off at Rampage. I’ve been looking foreward to this a while now and even though the fight will happen eventually, I’m tired of them pushing it off. For those who havn’t seen the in your face confrontation between the two former lightheavyweight champs, I have included it below.

2. Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida – The fight that both Lyoto and Silva said would never happen because they are friends. Dana White says otherwise, saying that “If the fans want to see that fight, I’m going to make that fight happen”. Well as a fan, I want to see that fight and I’m sure that you all do aswell. Silva seriously should move up and fight bigger and better guys and that means the likes of Lyoto Machida and the to guys in the heavyweight division. Because both men are crazy strikers and good at the ground, it would be interesting to see these two top strikers go at it. Make it happen Dana.

1. Fedor Emelianenko vs Frank Mir – I know what your going to say, “Brock killed Frank Mir”. But let’s consider this match aswell as the styles of both men. We have seen Fedor technically pick apart bigger men on many occasions and lets be serious about this, Brock is nowhere as good technically speaking as either Emelianenko or Mir. So why would it be a better match for Mir against Fedor. Fedor is amazing at flips but Mir is a better striker and would not be overwhelmed with size bc he is a bigger man than Fedor. He would also not be overwhelmed by Fedors submission attempts when I think Lesnar would be. This fight would be a very interesting one and I can only hope that someday it could happen.