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My Blog with in My Blog about another “ThatMMAGuy” seen on Youtube

Posted in ThatMMAGuy vs ThatMMAGuy of with tags on August 25, 2009 by thatmmaguy

Thier is another ThatMMAGuy and he is on youtube under the name of This guy I must admit had the name ThatMMAGuy first but I had no idea.

I don’t care anyway because I have seen his most recent video blog on his picks to win this saturday and he only matches up (UFC 102 prediction wise) with me on 1 fight (main event) out of 5 that are on the UFC 102 card. Usually this is fine and all but this guy has my name and his reasoning for his picks are silly and fruity in a way so…………

I declare war in a true Howard Stern like way and I challenge ThatMMAGuy of youtube to a dual (I smack him with my glove now, MMA glove that is).

Coming off of a 4/5 prediction victory of UFC 101, I challenge Mastapip to a prediction fight!!! If I get more right then he shall drop the ThatMMAGuy name but if he gets more right, I will honorably drop the ThatMMAGuy name to this nerdy man of youtube.

My next step is to challenge him on his most recent UFC 102 Blog. I hope he agrees.

I’ll keep you posted

Until then check out my challenge on his site at