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ThatMMAGuy interviews female MMA fighter Karina Taylor

Posted in ThatMMAGuy interviews Karina Taylor on March 30, 2010 by thatmmaguy’s lead writer talks with MMA fighter and Muay Thai/ Kickboxing coach Karina Taylor. Karina talks womens MMA, controversial stoppages and how Matt Hughes is a douche bag.

Ryan Justason: You were at the most recent Tuff-N-Uff event where a controversial fight occurred featuring the son of Randy Couture, Ryan Couture. Can you explain what went down?

Karina Taylor: The bell rang and it was time for the next round. Sean Bollinger gave Ryan Couture a run for his money. I think that was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen Ryan fight. I do believe that had that bell not rang, the fight could have been over and Sean almost had him. The rest of the fight was very exciting. I think that’s the most action I’ve seen Ryan fight. Ryans an awesome fighter. I’d like to see those 2 fight again in the future. That fight was sick.

RJ: You were also at this fight for a great cause. Can you tell us about that?

Karina Taylor: I was at the booth for It Ain’t Kemo for Kevin Hoyt. It Ain’t Kemo is a non-profit company that makes a fashion clothing line and all the proceeds will benefit cancer. I also ran the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon on Dec 7th which was also for cancer.

RJ: For those of us who have not heard of Karina Taylor, can you tell us what martial arts you have studied?

Karina Taylor: I started training in boxing and then started training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also wrestled for a year in High School. Overall, I’ve been training for 6 years. I’ve never really trained in Gi Jiu Jitsu but that’s something I want to explore. I’ve competed in Grapplers Quest and WORLDS. I’ve won girls 115 lbs – 129 lbs beginners for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2 times. I’ve also won the no weight class for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

RJ: Can you tell us about your MMA career so far?

Karina Taylor: I haven’t really had that great of an MMA record. When I first started training, I was 160 pounds. Right now I’m sitting at 125 pounds comfortably and I fight at 115 pounds. I’ve fought at 140 and 135 so I’ve never really have gotten the chance to prove my full potential at 115 pounds. My last fight was in New Mexico against Michelle Waterson. That fight got referee stoppage. It was a horrible fight. The referee thought she had an armbar and it wasn’t an armbar. I didn’t tap and my arm wasn’t fully extended. The referee after the fight knew it was a bad call and the crowd was booing. The referee didn’t know what to do so he looked at my corner like what do I do? So Kim Couture and Neil said “well put them back in the middle”. So as the referee was putting us back in the middle, another referee came in and said “you made the call and you have to stand by it”.

RJ: Dana White, who has once denounced women’s MMA, has come out and said that there are not enough women fighters to make a stable in the UFC. Would you agree with him?

Karina Taylor: Dana White doesn’t really want women fighting in the UFC anyway. If he really wanted to put women on the fight card for the UFC, he could do it if he wanted to but it’s a matter of fact that he doesn’t want to. Do I ever think that women will fight in the UFC? Possibly. Right Now? Not gonna happen.

RJ: Dana also compared women’s MMA to the old UFC heavyweight division which has evolved to become the UFC’s strongest heavyweight division yet. Do you think this is a fair comparision and will women’s MMA evolve like the UFC heavyweight division has?

Karina Taylor: I don’t think it’s a fair comparison due to the fact that it’s one persons view. I mean, that’s Dana Whites view. If you go and ask one of the guys who were at Tuff-N-Uff fights, do you want to see the females fight? Everybody is looking forward to the one female fight on the card. It’s something that some people want to see and some don’t want to see. It depends on who your asking. Me personally, when I go to the fights, I’m looking forward to the women’s fight. The women usually fight with so much more heart and technique.

RJ: Unlike a Randy Couture or a Brandan Vera who support women’s MMA, Matt Hughes has said that he doesn’t support it because he doesn’t want to see women fighting. What are your thoughts on his opinion?

Karina Taylor: He’s a douche bag. That’s what I think about his opinion.

RJ: Any word on your next fight or grappling tournaments?

Karina Taylor: I’d like to grapple at the up-coming Grapplers Quest at the UFC fan expo. The only thing is that Grapplers Quest for women only has beginner and experienced and no intermediate. I’ve already beaten all the beginners so it’s not fair for me to grapple with them. I’m also not advanced like these other girls. I’m good but not like some of these girls that have been grappling 7 or more years.