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Highlights from Strikeforce: Fedor vs Rogers press conference

Posted in Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers presser highlights on November 6, 2009 by thatmmaguy

I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s funny as hell to see a guy like Mayhem Miller sitting right next to a guy like Fedor. Could you see those two guys drinking vodka after the event? Something tells me that Fedor probably thinks Mayhem is some what of an ass with his extremely out-going personality compared to the calm cool nature of Fedor. Needless to say, the highlights of the “presser” were entertaining and has me even more excited about the event. You can watch the highlights below.

Watch Strikeforce: Fedor vs Rogers this saturday 11/7/09 on CBS at 8:00 EST to watch an amazing card featuring Fedor Emelianenko against Brett Rogers, Jason “Mayhem” Miller against Jake Shields, Gegard Mousasi vs Sokoudjou and Fabricio Werdum vs Antonio “Big Foot” Silva.