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Shane McMahon wants to get in the MMA business. UFC is willing to sell 10%

Posted in Shane McMahon wants to get into the MMA business on October 19, 2009 by thatmmaguy

Shane McMahon who is the son of WWE owner Vince McMahon as well as former Vice President of the company. At least he will be until january 10th 2010. Shane McMahon officially resigned on october 16th 2009 and rumor has it the man with deep pockets is interested in investing in the MMA empire. Could that potentially mean that there might be another competitor for the enormous UFC?

I wouldn’t say so because of a recent interview Dana White. Dana White more recently than McMahons announcement had an interview with Bloomburg tv and stated that the UFC was interested in selling 10% of the company. What do you think Shane? Knowing Shane McMahon as a smart business man and a man who most likely realizes that MMA is the entertainment sport of the future, he would look at this opportunity as a great investment. Or he could just go for broke and try his own company or invest in a lesser company like Strikeforce or he could just put his own ego aside and get in with the best company. Cant wait to see the results. You can see the video of Dana White by clicking the link below.