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This is the Man to Beat Brock Lesnar

Posted in Shane Carwin to take on Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 with tags on August 20, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Shane Carwin
Shane Carwin

It was announced this morning that the Shane Carwin/ Cain Velasquez bout has been taken off UFC 104 and that instead Shane Carwin will be getting a title shot at Brock Lesnar for UFC 106. This is awesome for any fan that wants to see Brock Lesnar fail in the heavyweight division (I’m not one of those fans). This is also just plain kick ass because these guys are both massive dudes with similar backrounds in collegic wrestling. Brock stands at 6 foot 3, 265 while Carwin stands at 6 foot 4, 262.

This is a fight that earlier on in my blog I stated was going to happen eventually even if Carwin had to go thru Cain Velasquez first. I guarantee that this fight will show a lot of the technical flaws the still green Lesnar has and that is just because the size will not be a factor in this fight.
Shane Carwin has never fought past the first round because he has always finished his opponents in the first round. One of his most memorable finishes was his KO of the man who Cro-Coped Cro Cop, Gabriel Gonzaga.
Here is that impressive first round KO by Heavyweight Contender Shane Carwin
Joe Rogan- “This is a guy with gloves bigger than Brock Lesnar” (Lesnar has 4xl and Carwin has 5xl)