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The final fight of Rampage Jackson: Rampage Jackson vs Dana White

Posted in Rampage vs Dana: Rampage quits fight game on September 24, 2009 by thatmmaguy

If you read the blog of Quinton Rampage Jackson ( ), then you would know that the former lightheavyweight champion is hanging up the gloves to pursue his newly found career in acting. Rampage, who recently took up the role of B.A. Baracus in the upcoming A-Team film, angered (and rightfully so) boss and president of the UFC Dana White when Rampage had to pull out of the main event at UFC 107 against rival Rashad Evans. Dana White who speaks his mind went to the radio and internet saying that he was very dissapointed with and wasn’t even talking to Rampage right now because of his decision while also including that he likes Rampage, but doesn’t know what he is thinking. When Rampage found this out, he made an even more emotional decision writing that he will no longer be fighting.

On tuesday september 22nd, the fight world aswell as myself were shocked to hear that Rampage Jackson would no longer be fighting the rival fight that we all wanted to see, but would just no longer be fighting what so ever. In his blog he gave the statement that “the UFC has done a lot for me but I have done more for them”. This statement seems unbelievable considering all the opportunities he was giving by the UFC such as title shots and the 2 times he coached on The Ultimate Fighter. But where I think Rampage was/is really hurt by Dana’s comments but then again, when you pulled out of a main event everyone has been waiting for, not because of an injury but because of another career, what do you think Dana was going to say? You know how Dana is, Rampage and now you are taking it to heart in a manner that says you will never fight again? Don’t be a baby. You should have expected that kind of reaction from Dana White but as fans, you should also expect our reaction to all this but one thing we did not think would happen is how imature of a reaction Rampage would have to stop fighting period because of one mans inevitable comments. “Look at where Mr T is now and think about what your doing” as Dana said. Rampage has great character, but am I cant imagine him as the next Denzel Washington or Will Smith.

Considering that this seems like an act of emotion, I would not say that this is truly the end of Ramage in the fight game because I’m sure that Rampage and Dana will “hug it out bitch” and Rampage will take to the octagon again. Until then, if Rampage decides to be stubborn then I say good luck to him aswell as “I pity the fool” who drops guaranteed paychecks.


Update: Rampage Jackson will be fighting in the UFC again to finish out his contract. Click the link for more information.