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Pro Picks: Couture vs Nogueira UFC 102

Posted in Pro Picks for Couture vs Nogueira UFC 102 on August 28, 2009 by thatmmaguy

It is always interesting to see what a pro mix martial artist’s prediction of a big fight may be, and Sherdog ( ) has the exclusive. A total of of 40 pro mix martial artists were asked but honestly a lot of them are not well known so I will just show the opinions of those that you do know. Let’s take a look at what the pros are saying.

Travis Wiuff – “Wow, what a great fight”. “I think Randy takes it by decision”.

Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo – “1st round a lot of striking and then takedown from Couture”. “2nd round Couture gets tired with top control”. “3rd round Couture is too tired and Nogueira will submit, Nogueira by submission”.

Cung Le – “Randy by decision”.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira ( Little Nog) – “Rodrigo (Big Nog) is very well prepared for this fight”. “Although Randy is very tough, I’ve got Rodrigo by submission”.

Travis Lutter – “I think Randy will win because of his better wrestling”.

Matt Linland – “Randy fighting in Oregon is going to be great”. “I would bet on Randy on this one”.

Jeff Monson – “Couture by decision”.

Total picks out of 40 on Sherdog ( ) Pro picks: Couture – 24, Nogueira – 14, Undecided 2

I know that I mostly showed the Couture Pro Picks but like I had said before, I’m only showing the picks of those pros that you will recognize. Turns out all but one say Couture like I had except for Nogueiras twin and smaller brother “Little Nog”.