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My Picks for Strikeforce Challengers 3: Kennedy vs Cummings

Posted in My Picks for Strikeforce Challengers 3: Kennedy vs Cummings on September 22, 2009 by thatmmaguy

I have never been one to complain about free MMA events but to be honest, this event is not one to be excited about. The only exciting match on this main card except for the main event which has US Army Ranger Tim Kennedy headlining. Regardless of how I feel about this event, I have hope that maybe Scott Coker (CEO of Strikeforce) has found some up and coming fighters. Either way I have made my picks for the main card and here they are……..

1st Fight of Main Card: Thomas Longacre (4-0) vs Travis “The Dark Night” Calanoc (4-0)

My Pick: I have searched the internet far and wide to find any information on these two men but not even has these two listed on thier fight finder. The only thing I could find is the records of both men.

2nd Fight of the Main Card: Tyron “T-Wood” Woodley (5-0) vs Zach “Lisbon Outlaw” Light (6-8)

My Pick: Tyron Woodley defeats Zach Light via submission – T-Wood is an up and comer with a nack for submitting people whether it be by submission hold or strikes. Zach Light has a nack for being submitted and I think with a record like Lights (not so good), he will be submitted.

Co Main Event: Ray “Sugarfoot” Sefo (1-0) vs Kevin “The Shaman” Jordan (11-7)

My Pick: Ray Sefo defeats Kevin Jordan via KO – Ray Sefo is very good with his hands having a long career as a kickboxer and has even dabbled in boxing. Kevin Jordan likes to stand and bang and he will do so even with Sefo’s kickboxing pedigree. Look to find Jordan on the mat early.

Main Event: Tim Kennedy (11-2) vs Zak Cummings (10-0)

My Pick: Tim Kennedy defeats Zak Cummings via TKO – Zak Cummings seems like he has a good career in the works for himself but he has a tough test ahead of him in Tim Kennedy. Zak Cummings is a wrestler and that could pose some problems for him but Kennedy is more experienced and is a much better boxer. Although this will be a tough one, I think Kennedy will finish the fight via TKO.

There you have them. Let’s hope for a night of great fights.