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Jean-Claude Van Damm set to fight K-1

Posted in Jean-Claude Van Damm to fight in K-1 on September 21, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Jean-Claude Van Damm

Jean-Claude Van Damm

In one corner we have a Belgium- American action film star and in the other corner we have a Thai action film star. Jean-Claude Van Damm will be taking on 1996 Olympic Thai boxing medalist Somluck Kamsing under the K-1 banner. This is cool because we can see 2 action film stars go at it in a “Bloodsport”. Although both these men are action film stars, both men are very skilled kickboxers.

Somluck Kamsing is a very skilled Thai kickboxer who has competed 4 Olympic games, winning a featherweight gold medal in 1996. He most recently competed in the 2004 Olympics. At 36 he is 12 years younger than Van Damm giving him the age advantage.

Van Damm who has an impressive kickboxing record of 18-1 is no slub even with the age advantage. His only lost came to a 2 round decision to kickboxer Patrick Tuegels. Although he lost to Patrick Tuegels, Van Damm’s last fight and victory was a 1st round KO of Patrick Tuegels in 1980. The question is though, does he still have it after 29 years of not fighting?

This bout is scheduled for some date in march of 2010. The bout will be under Thai boxing rules with the exception of the use of elbows in which Van Damm requested because he is an actor and does not want any cuts on his face. So why are you putting yourself in a boxing match with an Olympic gold medalist if you don’t want that pretty boy mug of yours getting banged up? Are you not going to get hit old man? Either way this will be exciting and I will be watching to see if Van Damms got anything left from his good old days of ass whooping.