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MTV’s Bully Beatdown Host and regular Bad Ass Jason “Mayhem” Miller to fight this fall

Posted in Jason Mayhem Miller vs Jake Shields set for fall, Strikeforce on August 26, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Jason Mayhem Miller doing his favorite win pose

Jason Mayhem Miller doing his favorite win pose

Standing in at 6 foot 1, 185 pounds, Jason Mayhem Miller is not that big but I¬†do guarantee that this man will beat your bully’s ass. In the streets (when seeing a “Mayhem Monkey” being bullied) or on his hit MTV show Bully Beatdown.

Known for his kick ass colorful personality, awesome flashy entrances and never give up attitude, MTV producers knew that Mayhem would be the perfect host. And he ended up being so when his show became the number one viewed show on MTV.

Now on the verge of his 2nd season of Bully Beatdown, this will not be Mayhems only pressure for the end of the year as Mayhem will be fighting top Middleweight contender Jake Shields for the Middleweight Interim Championship of Strikeforce.

Jake Shields has something in common with Mr. Mayhem Miller and that is thier long records in MMA. Mayhem with a record of 22-6 and Shields with a record of 23-4. But wait….. thats not all they have in common. Jake Shields likes to beat up bullys aswell and this is obvious considering Jake has been on both seasons of Bully Beatdown to date. What a twist? I would have thought Mayhem would have wanted to fight someone more like a bully, like maybe Mr. Potsmoker Nick Diaz.

But who cares about Mayhem Miller’s MTV show when it comes to MMA. I don’t. I care about the best fighting the best and Strikeforce is not messing around here. This will be one hell of a fight and I have a lot of respect for both fighters as both fighters are on my top ten but as much as it pains me to say……….

I’ve got Jake Shields on this one