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ThatMMAGuy interviews James Krause

Posted in James Krause interview on April 5, 2010 by thatmmaguy

James Krause 11-2 in MMA sat down Ryan Justason to talk about being accosted by guy trying sell him possibly stolen jewelry, his JK Project youtube show and his April 28th Bellator FC fight in Kansas City.

Ryan Justason: 5 months ago, you and your friends were accosted by a man selling jewelry. Can you tell me about that?

James Krause: (Laughs) Uh yeah. I think we had just been working out or something like that and we were at a gas station. Some guy came up to us trying to sell us all these necklaces and all types of crap. There wasn’t really much to it but I had my flipshare on me so I decided to record it. It turned out to be pretty funny actually.

RJ: You have a youtube show showcasing your life as a fighter called the JK Projects. Your first and last one was filmed 5 months ago. Will there be any more JK Projects?

James Krause: Actually, I think so. I’ve been kind of slacking off and real busy lately so I need to get back on it. I’ve got a fight coming up here pretty soon so I think I’m going to start doing them again.

RJ: You recently tried out for Bellator FC. How did that go?

James Krause: It went well. I was one of the finalists. They (Bellator FC) keep offering me fights out of my weight class and stuff like that. I think we finally agreed on a fight today. I can’t really say who it is yet but it’s on the April 28th card in Kansas City, MO.

RJ: Your last fight was a win over Kalel Robinson. Can you tell us about that fight?

James Krause: He was a good wrestler. He came into the fight with a good record. I just fought Ricardo Lamas in the WEC so my takedowndefence was really good. I matched up with him really well, him being a wrestler. My takedown defence was on point from Lamas. I felt that I did really good in the fight and I got the win.

RJ: Your last fight was in December. Why did you wait so long to get your next fight?

James Krause: Well, I kinda took a break to get my barrings back. You know, take a break to work on some things. Sometimes fights just don’t come every monthor 2 like I would like. I have a fight in the works this month so I’m excited to get back in there.

RJ: On twitter you said that you were 190 pounds and you fight at 155 with a fight in 2 weeks. How tough is that weight cut going to be?

James Krause: This fight is at 170. It wont be tough at all. I’ll probably do it in a day. My weight fluxuates. I weighed myself 2 nights ago and I was 190. I weighed myself this morning and I was 179.

RJ: Do you get grumpy during your weight cut?

James Krause: Ofcourse man. I usually have a 30-40 pound weight cut. I’m always pretty grumpy (when cutting weight).

RJ: You said that this fight is at 170 and not your usual 155. Is this a permanent move?

James Krause: No. I’ll probably go back to 155. I feel comfortable taking this fight at 170. The guy (opponent) has fought at 155 before so it’s a good match. Basically both of us are the same weight. It’s a good match-up and I’m happy with it.

RJ: What can we expect in your next fight?

James Krause: I’m going to come out and try to work my hands. I’ve been working a lot on my hands. I have a lot of submission wins. Most of them are and I’m gonna come out and stand a bit. I’m going to see where he wants to take the fight and I’m comfortable where ever the fight goes. I’m not really worried about it.

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