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Is Kimbo Slice in breach of his UFC contract?

Posted in Is Kimbo Slice in breach of contract? on September 18, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

We all know how exclusive the UFC contracts are with the fighters on this seasons The Ultimate Fighter 10 heavyweights as far as keeping the results on the down low. So I wonder if while under that UFC contract, whether or not member of the TUF cast can fight and or make appearances in other MMA organizations. In my opinion, I would doubt that the UFC would allow any such behavior that could possibly give away the result for the top rated show. So what is Kimbo Slice doing and is he in breach of his contract with the UFC?

It was announced today that an upcoming MMA event at WCF 8 in Boston, that Kimbo Slice would be a special guest in the event. We all know from his internet videos that “a man’s gotta eat” but with this special appearance, Is he in breach of contract and most importantly, is this proof that he did not win The Ultimate Fighter?

I would say that this could mean either or but because the details of the UFC contract are uncertain, it is hard to say. You could have proof both ways as far as winning The Ultimate Fighter is concerned. Sure one like myself could argue that Dana White does not like his fighters under contract associating themselves with fight organizations. And in another interesting twist that could prove that Kimbo Slice could have won is the fact that the UFC has just recently signed fighter Seth Petruzelli.

For those that follow the career of Kimbo Slice, then you know Seth Petruzelli very well. Seth Petruzelli is the won who ultimately made Elite XC crumble by KOing Slice in 14 seconds. Since this fight and most recently, Kimbo has come out to say that Petruzelli got lucky and would not win in another fight. Petruzelli went to his twitter once hearing Kimbo had said this saying that Kimbo could have fought him 3 times after that fight and also said that Kimbo declined all 3 times. This looks like this fight could potentially happen again and possible under the UFC banner.

This whole situation seems confusing and I guess we will have to wait and see for the results of The Ultimate Fighter. But I’ll leave with two questions……….. Why is Kimbo Slice a special guest at a different MMA organization? And why did the UFC sign Seth Petruzelli?

– ThatMMAGuy