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Fedor vs Rogers continues to get bigger

Posted in Fedor vs Rogers gets bigger on October 9, 2009 by thatmmaguy

Strikeforce is not playing around with the Fedor vs Rogers main card. Besides the long anticipated main event, there is not one fight on this main card that a true mixed martial arts fan wouldn’t not want to see. Today it was announced that mini Fedor/ Gegard Mousasi would be fighting non other than Pride veteran Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou in a non title lightheavyweight bout. Can you say fireworks? Also released last night was another bombshell of fight is a heavyweight bout between former UFC competitor Fabricio Werdum and the first and only Elite XC heavyweight champion Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. This card has already been known to also include a vacant middleweight title fight between MMA veteran Jason “Mayhem” Miller and the always exciting and very tough Jake Shields. But with such a main card with such big names, it raises a couple of questions Who will headline upcoming Strikeforce events? Or Will the fighter roster for Strikeforce continue to grow with top class talent?

Both sides are easily arguable. On one hand, you can argue that all of Strikforce’s top talent are on one big card and on the other hand you can argue that Strikeforce has DREAM as a resource to use DREAM’s top talent. But let us be realistic for a minute here, Stikeforces’ last event Kennedy vs Cummings was a lackluster event that could have even been confused for a much lesser MMA promotion than the Fedor vs Rogers card. But if Strikforce can continue to sign top talent the likes of Bobby Lashley who has been in talks with Strikeforce and not the likes of a Herschel Walker, then the promotion which is on network television could very well pull of cards the likes of Fedor vs Rogers and this could pose a threat for UFC. But we will have to wait and see if Strikeforce can continue to create great cards to give the UFC some decent competition and even make the UFC step up the game themselves. Hell what’s a McDonalds without a Burger King.