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Bad Boy Nick Diaz trades in his MMA Gloves for Boxing Gloves

Posted in Boxing, Nick Diaz turns to Boxing on September 8, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Nick El Diablo Diaz

Nick "El Diablo" Diaz

Badboy of MMA “coming strait out of Stockton (not Compton)” Nick “El Diablo” Diaz has decided to pursue a career in boxing instead of fighting in MMA. Nick Diaz known for KOing the likes of Frank Shamrock and Ruthless Robbie Lawler has been most recently known for his lack of showing up to the drug test for his most recently scheduled bout against Jay Hieron for the Strikeforce welterweight championship. Why would he not show up, you may ask?

Nick Diaz in true “badboy” and “rebellious” fashion has been known for enjoying his smoke and by that I mean marijuana. After Diaz had a bout with Japanese Takanori Gomi, his urine test was found positive for marijuana. Although Diaz submitted Gomi in the bout, the bout was then determined to be a No-Contest. And even though Diaz has been pretty good about it since his 2007 bout, it seems like he is done with the world of MMA and the drug tests the sport brings. But why is boxing going to be any different?
Well even though the boxing world has strict drug tests aswell, boxers tend to fight less often and also seem to get paid more (like Mike Tyson) especially if the boxer is a former MMA star. Fighting less times in a year for Diaz will essentually give Diaz more time to enjoy his happy smoke, and it seems like 3 fights a year is not enough. Although MMA fighters do not typically box better than professional boxers, Diaz  has had a professional boxing bout before did very well when he won a unanimous decision over tough boxing contender Alfonso Rocha. So if we are talking about a happy life for Nick Diaz then I can picture him in his little smoke circle saying, “If I was a boxer, I could smoke some more of this and still get paid because I’m the badboy of MMA coming straight out of Stockton CA”.

UFC vs Boxing on September 19th

Posted in Boxing, Floyd Mayweather, UFC on September 2, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Floyd Money Mayweather

Floyd "Money" Mayweather

With UFC 103 and a boxing bout between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez both set for September 19th, which sport will get more PPV views? and will the UFC finally not only be known as “the fastest growing sport” to just bein “The Sport”?

Neither Dana White (President of UFC) or Richard Schaefer (CEO of Goldon Boy Promotions) seem to be concerned about the others brand. Dana White has gone on record to say that he isn’t concerned because of his belief that Mayweather only sells when he is fighting another name and Schaefer says he is also not concerned because Mayweather pulls in an average of $900,000 in PPV buys. All this hearsay being said but which is more probable?
To be honest, I havn’t heard anyone who is excited about this Mayweather bout. It’s a waste of money and we already know what is going to happen. Another KO for Mayweather. Not even those hardcore boxing fans are interested in this fight. This boxing bout is like if the UFC were to headline a match between Brock Lesnar and Tim Hague ( most recently got KO’ed in 7 seconds at UFC 102). It makes no sense to have the fight and also makes even less sense when you put it up against the constantly rising UFC.
This is also very exciting for me though because of all these “sports guys” that I argue with that claim the UFC will fold in due time. If the UFC surpasses this boxing bout then that will further state my case that the “UFC is here to stay and is getting bigger by the day”. MMA guys can rhyme too Don King.