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After Nelson win Kimbo seems to still be hanging around

Posted in After kicked out Kimbo Slice still hanging around on October 8, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Roy Nelson gives Kimbo Slice the boot

Roy Nelson gives Kimbo Slice the boot


One week after the most anticipated “The Ultimate Fighter” episode where Kimbo Slice gets the boot out of the house after Roy Nelson technically TKO’d Kimbo Slice, Slice was still on the next weeks episode hanging around. It is clear that the “street ceritified” fighter does in fact get special treatment although it’s fair to say that the UFC stayed away from making TUF 10 into the Kimbo show.

Last week The Ultimate Fighter 10 hinted that the big man Marcus Jones was in very bad shape, which could have potentially meant that Kimbo Slice would again step up for TUF 10 to show the world he isn’t just this bum in the MMA world. This although came to be infact a teaser because Marcus Jones was later seen in practice not knowing his own strength and injuring people. So why is Kimbo Slice hanging around?

With the knowledge that Kimbo Slice will be infact fighting this december, most likely at UFC 107, it’s far to say that Kimbo eventually does get another chance whether it is from the big man and his hot flashes or whether it’s from the big man Jones injuring a fellow team mate. Either way it’s still fair to say that even if he does get a shot to win this thing again that it’s possible he showed enough skill to Dana White and White might have just signed him anyway just like White has done several previous times during previous TUF seasons. Saying that he will in fact fight, then who could he be matched up with?

Thru twitter Seth Petruzelli (the man who KO’d Slice in 14 seconds) has said that he has been signed to the UFC. Are we talking rematch here? I would think so but nothing has yet been confirmed but it seems kind of fishy that the UFC who has previously released Seth do to a poor UFC record has suddenly been signed. Also after Tito Ortiz announced thru twitter that Mark “The Hammer” Coleman would be dropping out of the fight, Slice went to his twitter saying that he would infact step up to take the place and fight Tito. With all this information that Slice keeps giving out, who knows if Kimbo is in breach but then again if he gets sued, then that will just be more conformation. We shall see.