About That MMA Guy

I am a huge fan of MMA and everything about mixed martial arts. I have different opinions than the average bandwagon MMA fan as I am a truth seeker more than a follower. I believe my views on MMA are accurate and not biased, thats why I do this Blog. I do this blog because I dont like to bullshit but I do like to expose the bullshit. Enjoy and please leave your comments whether they are pro or con.

– That MMA Guy

5 Responses to “About That MMA Guy”

  1. Hey,

    Friend of mine posted your blog on his Facebook feed. Good to find other fans. Took a look at your rankings and them seem spot on. Bummed that Fedor and the UFC were not able to reach a deal. I was fortunate enough to go to UFC 101. I am a huge Forrest fan, but could not help being super impressed with Silva. Here is a video I took at the fight, pardon the lack of filing and editing skills…and my spelling of Griffin’s name at the beginning of the vid:

    • thatmmaguy Says:

      Whats up Chris,

      I’m glad that you seem to enjoy my Blog. Thats a cool video. It’s cool to see that fight from a different angle. I couldn’t make it there but how was the atmosphere? Probably crazy right. Anyway please continue to read my Blog and please tell your other MMA friends about my Blog!!!

      – That MMA Guy

  2. valeriamontoyaaidz Says:

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