UFC 113: Kimbo Slice vs Matt Mitrione prediction

UFC 113 features a big clash between the internet phenomenon Kimbo Slice and his fellow TUF 10 cast member Matt Mitrione on May 8th in a Heavyweight fight.

UFC 113 Lines

Kimbo Slice -115

Matt Mitrione -115


If you are sports gambling fan and don’t know much about these two let me tell you that neither of them are the real deal, yet.  Kimbo is trying to fit into the professional MMA fighters’ suit after being a You Tube celebrity beating wanna-be fighters on the streets.

While Matt Mitrione was a NFL player who is also currently trying to become a top-shelf heavyweight fighter.  But to be honest he is way far from that and at the age of 31 it’s unlikely that the UFC will recruit him.

The attempts by Kimbo to gain some respect in the industry have had mixed results.  He had big wins against the Tank Abbott and Ray Mercer, both old but still pretty good competitors. 

He also won with a late KO against James Thompson but had both mediocre performances against Houston Alexander and especially against the undersized Seth Petruzelli, who is a decent fighter, but a lot of MMA fans doubted he was good enough to beat Kimbo.

Kimbo owns a lot of weaknesses, including his ground game and his chin, but Mitrione might not be the ideal fighter to exploit them despite that he could present a challenge by mixing in kicks.  Slice has clearly more experience and at the end his bigger swings and power punches will make the difference in this fight.

Keep in mind Kimbo has a 4-1 record in Mixed Martial Arts with the only loss against Petruzelli plus a 1-0 record on UFC.  Matt Mitrione has a 1-0 MMA record and a 1-0 UFC record.

None of these two are the best fighters MMA has to offer but at the end at the day it should be a fun match to watch.

My pick: Bet Kimbo

– A.J. Riot

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