ThatMMAGuy interviews Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis

ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with UFC star Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis. Phil talks about his experience in Abu Dhabi, whether or not he has a thing for UFC octagon ring girl Chandella Powell, what question you shouldn’t ask him and his thoughts on the Strikeforce brawl.

Ryan Justason: How did you get your nickname Mr. Wonderful?

Phil Davis: I got it a couple ways. I mostly got it because I had a cat named Mr. Wonderful and he ran away. I vowed a long time ago that Mr. Wonderful the cat, will be dedicated. So that’s why.

RJ: Being from Pennsylvania, was it a given that you would attend Penn State?

Phil Davis: Pretty much. Whenever your from central Pennsylvania, Penn States just the best option.

RJ: You had an impressive win over the previously undefeated Alexander Gustafsson. Can you tell us about that fight?

Phil Davis: Yeah, I mean he was undefeated for a reason. I think he’s really tough and has great hands. I think he’s gonna do very well in the UFC. I think he’s gonna rattle a couple of peoples noggins. He has good hands. I don’t think he got to show them against me as much as he would have liked to but I definitely think he has a lot of skills there.

RJ: I’ve seen tapes of you hitting the mits and you have good hands for someone who is primarily a wrestler. When are you going to show those hands?

Phil Davis: You know, I’m waiting. I’m waiting to debut them. Just like anything, you gotta tame the beast before you let them out of the cage.

RJ: What was it like fighting in Abu Dhabi?

Phil Davis: It was definitely different than fighting in Mandalay Bay. I don’t mean as far as how nice it was or anything like that. I mean, it was just that the culture was different, the fans were different. Man, I almost felt like a celebrity over there. People knew me! I was like what’s going on? How did people know my name?

RJ: How are things going with Chadella Powell

Phil Davis: (Laughs) I was actually making a joke. I was just having a little fun. I was actually avoiding my least favorite question about being a fighter and that’s “who do you want to fight next?” It’s kind of a stupid question if you ask me. I mean, you really don’t have a lot of choice on who you fight unless your a big name guy. So asking me who I’m fighting next or who I want to fight next is really nothing more than consiting controversy. It’s just something I don’t like. It’s just not me. So I took the easy way out and said I was going to fight Chandella Powell. There’s nothing to it other than a silly man telling a silly joke behind that.

RJ: Do you have a thing for Chandella Powell?

Phil Davis: I mean, she’s a good looking young lady but I think she’s fairly professional. I don’t think fighters are her thing.

RJ: What did you think about the Anderson Silva fight?

Phil Davis: It’s one of those things man. I like Anderson and that wasn’t his best performance. He has many more exciting fights in his career and I’m excited to see them. The first 2 rounds were crazy good. The first 2 rounds had me like jumping up and down cheering. I like Andersons style and I thought every chance he got to do his thing, the crowd cheered for him and every time Damian got close to Silva, everybody was cheering for him. I was just cheering for action. It was one of those things. Those guys are very skilled. If Damian Maia would have got a submission, I would have been cheering for him. If Anderson Silva got the knock out, I would have applauded for that. After a while I was like ok, I’m done cheering.

RJ: Did you see the Strikeforce brawl and if so, what did you think?

Phil Davis: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t even know what to say about that. Any fighting that goes in in MMA outside of the cage or ring, it’s just unfortunate and these things happen in every sport. It’s definitely not good for our sport.

RJ: What can we expect from Phil Davis in the future?

Phil Davis: You can expect all types of stuff. I mean, in the cage, in training and in interviews. What’s next for Phil Davis is I’m going to run that Rock and Roll marathon in San Diego to raise some money for breast cancer and for what I want to say St. Judes but it might be another childrens hospital.

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank Phil Davis for his time. Check out Phil as he runs for a great cause. You can check out all the information here .

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