ThatMMAGuy interviews Rory MacDonald

ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with Canadian UFC welterweight star Rory “The Waterboy” MacDonald. Rory talks about being one of the youngest fighters to compete in the UFC, his great Canadian camp and how he is going to make it into the top 10 welterweight rankings. Check out the scoop below.

Ryan Justason: You train with the great camp Toshido Mixed Martial Arts. What’s that experience like?

Rory MacDonald: I’ve been training there since I was 14 and I have a great coach in David Lea. I have a lot of great training partners and great friends. It’s a family who made me who I am today.

RJ: You are known as one of the youngest fighters to ever fight in the UFC. How accomplished does that make you feel?

Rory MacDonald: Oh it’s great you know. I’ve always wanted to be in the UFC at a young age. I’m not the youngest I don’t think, but my managed to get there at an early age and I worked really hard. It’s great because all that hard work paid off.

RJ: Your next fight is against Carlos Condit and for a while it wasn’t going to take place in your home Province of British Columbia. How happy where you to find out that UFC 115 would in fact be taking place in Vancouver?

Rory MacDonald: I’m stoked. It’s totally my hometown and I’ve lived there before so having my friends supporting me, it couldn’t be any better.

RJ: Many websites rank your opponent Carlos Condit as a top ten welterweight. Would it be fair to say that defeating Carlos would place you in the top 10 mix?

Rory MacDonald: I would think so , yes. It puts me right up there. It would definitely put my name out there.

RJ: What will be your game-plan for Carlos?

Rory MacDonald: Same as everything, just fight. I’m well rounded so just put it anywhere against anybody.

RJ: In the past, you have said that you would like to test yourself against Georges St. Pierre. Since then, you have trained with him. Would that keep you from fighting GSP in the future?

Rory MacDonald: No. I’ve become friends with Georges and I don’t think that fights ever going to happen. Georges and I discussed that and I don’t think that’s going to happen because we are friends.

RJ: Last but not least, what’s your favorite Canadian beer?

Rory MacDonald: Canadian beer? Kokanee.

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank Rory MacDonald and David Lea for their time. Everyone needs to watch Rory because he is going to make waves in the welterweight division. Thanks Rory.

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