ThatMMAGuy interviews James “Sweetbod” Barris

ThatMMAGuy got the chance to sit down with a man that is going to make waves in the sport of MMA and that man is James “Sweetbod” Barris. Ryan Justason sat down with James to talk about street fights, finding your right weight class and getting his rematch against a man he believes he already beat.

Ryan Justason: You train with a great team of Canadian fighters. Can you tell us about your gym and who you train with?

James Barris: Yeah. I train under Rino Belcastro at MFC Windor [Ontario]. We also train with Mark Hominicks gym with Sam Stout, Chris Horodeckiat there gym Adrenaline. Were mostly a stand-up gym and we focus on kickboxing but we do have a big ground game with Phil Navarro. We also on occasionhave Pan Am champ Jorge Britto with our Brazilian jiu jitsu. That’s about it.

RJ: You have had many fights as an amateur. Can you tell me about your amateur career thus far?

James Barris: I started fighting early. I started fighting like 3 weeks after training. I lost my first fight in the 3rd round. It was just inexperience, especially on the ground. My first few fights, I was here and there with heavierweight classes like 155, 145 and I was too small. I cut weight and basically started training and learned a lot more. My last few fights, I have won by knock out and armbar. My last fight was a decision against Zech Lange at Raging Wolf Productions.

RJ: Currently you are looking forward to a rematch with a certain fighter. Can you tell us about that?

James Barris:Yeah. I was looking for a rematch with Zech Lange right now. It would actually be in October but where finding out what’s going on with that. The fight was very back and forth. I controlled most of the stand-up but he also was able to get the takedowns. On the ground, I felt like I dominated it. Basically we both feel like we won and it would be a great rematch. It would be a great fight for the fans.

RJ: Like many other fighters, you have tested the waters at different weight classes. Can you tell me about the difference it makes to fight at the right weight?

James Barris: Yeah. I’m 5 foot 6. For a guy who is my size and to be fighting at 155 and not being fairly large and wide; I’m 19 years old so I think that I should have dropped to 135. Since I’ve been there, I’ve had a lot of success and have done really well. This [135] is the weight I’m comfortable at.

RJ: So being 19, your not full grown yet right?

James Barris: Oh for sure. Soon as I started and the weight I have now, it’s helping me more because man strength makes a big difference. From the time I started and the time now, I’ve grown an inch and a half. I think man strength makes a big difference but technique will beat strength each time.

RJ: Since becoming a fighter, have you been in any street fights and if so, how did that go?

James Barris: Just one. It was actually at a house party for a friend and some kid thought he was tough. He tried to hit me and I ended up choking him and put him out. I actually helped him out after. I felt bad. I try to avoid that. We [fighters] try to avoid that.

RJ: Would you like to thank any sponsors?

James Barris: Yeah. I’d like to thank Throwin’ Bombs. They’ve helped me out throughout my career since I’ve moved down to 135. Andy’s [Hui] a great guy. I’d like to thank .

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank James “Sweetbod” Barris for his time. Also check out who has sponsored both James and I. Thank you Throwin Bombs.

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