ThatMMAGuy interviews WEC standout Scott “Young Guns” Jorgensen

MMAPrime.TV’s Ryan Justason interviews WEC’s Scott Jorgensen about his upcoming WEC 48 rematch with Antonio Banuelos, his thoughts on a potential UFC/WEC merger and training partner Jens “Little Evil” Pulvers decision to retire.

Ryan Justason: Your last fight at WEC 47 was an impressive victory over Chad George. Can you tell us about that fight?

Scott Jorgensen: I went in there and planned on doing my thing. I wanted to put him in a position were he wasn’t comfortable in and it took 31 seconds. I had the impression that he didn’t want to stand with me. I took him down, took his back and choked him out.

RJ: Your next fight will be at WEC 48 where you replaced the injured Damacio Page to get a rematch with Antonio Banuelos. How excited were you to get that rematch considering your last fight was a close split decision?

Scott Jorgensen: I was really excited man. I jumped at the chance as soon as they made the call. There was no hesitation. I just said let’s do it. Not only do I get another fight and get to stay active, I get to let the fight turn out the way it should have happened with my hand raised. I’m excited and ready to go. It’s going to be a great fight.

RJ: Will you be doing anything differently in this rematch?

Scott Jorgensen: Naw. Just fighting like I did. I beat him last time and I’ll beat him again.

RJ: There has been talk about a potential merger with the WEC and the UFC. What are your thoughts on the potential merger?

Scott Jorgensen: I like the idea but I’m happy with the WEC. I think were building a big name for ourselves. The UFC tag would be great for sponsorships and getting our name out there. I love the WEC and you can’t get away from what works.

RJ: You train with Jens Pulver. He has lost his last 4 fights in the 1st round. Were you happy to see him retire?

Scott Jorgensen: Naw man. Jens is one of my good friends and he’s somebody I’ve always looked up to. I wanted to see him win that fight and I didn’t want to see him retire. Whatever he chooses to do, I hope he’s happy doing it. He’s helping me train for this fight. His heart is still in this sport.

RJ: Last but not least, what can we expect in your fight at WEC 48?

Scott Jorgensen: If anybody has ever seen me fight, you can expect a fast pace dominating preformance. I’m never one to stand down and I’m always moving forward. That’s why the fans love me and love my style. That’s why I’m on the first WEC pay per view card ever. I’m a million miles an hour til I can break a guy. Your going to see Antonio trying to crawl out of that cage by the end of the fight.

ThatMMAGuy would like to thank Scott Jorgensen for his time.

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