ThatMMAGuy interviews Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague lead writer got the chance to talk with Canadian heavyweight favorite Tim “The Trashing Machine” Hague. In this interview Tim talks about his next fight, his last fight with Chris Tuchscherer, why he’s not upset with the UFC and how he’s going to be a different fighter in future bouts.

Ryan Justason: First of all, how does it feel to be fighting in Canada again?

Tim Hague: It feels great. I love fighting in Edmonton and all my friends get to see me fight so it’s pretty exciting. And, that’s about it. Just exciting to be back home fighting.

RJ: Your fighting at TFC: High Octane on Friday, March 19th. Can you tell me about this event?

Tim Hague: It’s a great event. It’s a nation (Canada) wide pay per view. It features myself, Ryan Ford, Victor Valimaki and a bunch of very exciting up and comer fighters. It will also be broadcasted world wide on the Fight Network at a later date. So it’s a lot of exposure which is important in the fight game.

RJ: Tyler East is your opponent…..

Tim Hague: No. Tyler East pulled out a couple days ago due to a chest infection. And then they found a former world class kickboxer and he agreed to fight. And then a couple days ago he called back wanting more money. So they finally found a former Eastern Illinois wrestler. His name is Ed Carpenter. He’s only 2-0 in the pro but with his wrestling experience, I expect a tough fight.

RJ: What will be your game plan for this fight?

Tim Hague: Smash him. Knock him out early. I just fought a NCAA division 2 All-American so I’m ready to fight a wrestler. When I fought Chris Tuchscherer, I came out a little slow and tried to tire him out a bit but I’m going to come out in an aggressive way in this fight.

RJ: You were recently released from the UFC after a tough majority loss to Chris Tuchscherer in a fight many thought you won. Can you tell me about that fight?

Tim Hague: Yeah. Like I said, I started slow. The first two rounds were kind of boring. I scored one for him and one for me. The third round, I basically beat his ass and figured I won a 10-8 round and won the fight. But the judges saw it the other way and what can you do? You lose 2 straight in the UFC and you have to go rebuild. I can’t say anything bad about the UFC. They’re a great organization and I can’t wait to get back. But right now I get to fight for the home town crowd, the TFC and rebuild.

RJ: Since being released from the UFC, have you taken a step back to reassess your game?

Tim Hague: Well, I’m going to explore some training options in Vegas and Minnesota. But that’s about it. Just keep getting better at everything.

RJ: When you say Minnesota, does that mean a potential Chris Tuchscherer/ Brock Lesnar camp?

Tim Hague: Yeah. That’s probably where I’m going.

RJ: Last but not least, what can we expect at TFC: High Octane on Friday?

Tim Hague: You can expect a quick fight. I’m not messing around anymore. I’ve been too nice for too long. You know, in the Octagon, I moved around a lot but now you can expect the aggression to come out. And that’s what your going to see tomorrow night. I’m pissed off, I’m hungry and I want to get back in the UFC as soon as possible and I think I deserve to be there. I can hang with most the heavyweights in the UFC. I’m making a statement in this fight.

Although it may seem that Tim is no longer the nice gigantic Canadian we all know, this is only the case for his opponents. Tim was nice enough to appologize if he seemed grumpy due to his weight cut although at no point in this interview did I take offense.

For more information on this event:

-Ryan “ThatMMAGuy” Justason

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