A Review of Forrest Griffins Got Fight

“Forrest Griffin has written a masterpiece. Not since Hemmingway has an author stimulated and tantalized the readers’ senses through such delicate and colorful prose. This book is destined to become one of the greats, an international bestseller for centuries to come. We should all remove our hats and bow to the genius of this thought-provoking work. Bravo, Griffin. Bravo.” – Forrest Griffin, Author of Got Fight

Before reading Griffins book, I figured that I would be reading a autobiography of the fighter but instead I was about to read a book on how to be a man by another man that I have a great deal of respect for. Before you purchase this book (if you haven’t already), prepare yourself to have your “manhood” tested, literally. Before the fighter “allows” you to read his book, you must pass a “manliness” test. This test consists of 7 questions with a point system of -75 to +60 in which to read the book you would have to score a 30 or above out of a possible 60. For the record, I was able to read his book because I scored a 45.

After I was able to start reading the book, I found out what it was about. Simply put, the book is about how to be a man inside and outside of the cage. While the book did have some old school Forrest stories, they were always related to life lesons on how a man should act. He also had 2 of his buddy’s relate to his advice with past stories of Griffin in short stories called “Dick in a Box”. This made the book very interesting as time flied by as the pages turned. I could actually hear Forrest Griffins voice in my head as if he was reading the book to me.

In the end, I would give this book 5/5 stars because I actually enjoyed reading and I believe that the book did have an effect on my personal life as a “how to be a man manual”. I suggest that if you have not already read this book, go get it right now. The book is a really good read and I enjoyed it from start to finish. This book is truly worth being a New York Times Bestseller.


2 Responses to “A Review of Forrest Griffins Got Fight”

  1. Great book! It’s scary to get inside the mind of Forrrest. Your are right reading this book will test your manhood.

    • thatmmaguy Says:

      It was indeed great. Forrest def scares me more lol. From his bar fights to laughing while getting hit. Great read.

      Oh, enjoy the fights tonight. Great card. I’m going to put your link up right now.

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