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Quick and Easy Money for Lightning Lee Murray

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On February 22nd 2006 between the hours of 1:00 am and 2:15am UTC (London, England), seven masked and heavily armed men and another tied up man entered the doors of the Securitas Depot. The tied up man turned out to be Colin Dixon who was the Securitas Depot manager. All fourteen Securitas Depot employees who were there at the time of the robbery were shocked to see their boss tied up as Dixon yelled “Do whatever they want!” “They have my family”. Sure enough the employees complied and it took the seven masked men 40 minutes to escape with the 53,116,760 Euros as they left everyone unharmed and locked up in cages. The 53,116,760 Euros then turned out to be the largest cash robbery in British history. The alleged mastermind behind this robbery is said to be none other than British Mixed Martial Arts badass “Lightning” Lee Murray.

Lee Murray was famous in South East London for his notorious street fights in which fellow South East Londoner Mixed Martial Artist Mark “The Beast” Epstein said “I never saw him lose.” As Murray was making his money in street Mixed Martial Arts, he decided to take his street brawling prowess to professional Mixed Martial Arts to make a quick buck. Although Murray did end up going professional, the street brawler in him never seemed to die.

On July 13th 2002 at the after-party for UFC 38 which was the first UFC in the United Kingdom, Lee Murray and his buddies decided to crash the party. A party that was filled with a lot of boozed up Mixed Martial Artists that contained the likes of Pat Miletech, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. Soon after a melee ensued with Lee Murray and Tito Ortiz going one on one. Pat Miletech has since described the events of the brawl. “One of Tito Ortiz’s friends jumped on my back as a joke. A buddy of Lee’s thought it was a fight and jumped in,” he tells me. “Then it exploded.” “Lee took off his jacket. Tito did too. Tito threw the first punch and missed. Then Lee flattened him with a five-punch combo.I told him to get the hell outta there.”

Once word was getting around that the British middleweight Lee Murray had knocked out the then UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, Murray was then getting the attention of the bigger shows like the UFC. After Murray’s street brawl with Ortiz, he then racked up two professional mixed martial arts knock outs. These two impressive knock outs then lead to a three fight contract with the UFC. Lightning Lee Murray made his UFC debut at UFC 46 in which he made quick work of Jorge Rivera via triangle armbar in the first round. Sadly for Lee and the $100,000 contract he was sitting on, he would never be fighting in the UFC again due to an altercation that took place on Christmas Day 2003.

On December 25th 2003, Murray was driving with his wife and child when a man hit his Range Rover. Murray then became irate as he was said to “disable” the other mans vehicle as well as the other man. Once this incident was all sorted out, Murray could no longer compete in the UFC because he was denied a visa to work in the United States. Many who knew Lee Murray as a fighter knew he was tough but they had not known how much of a hot head he was. But if you were to know where Lee grew up and the people he hung out with, many would understand how the professional fighter could snap at any moment.

Lee Murray grew up in the tough area of South East London called the Barnfield Housing Projects. He was the son of a Moroccan man and an English mother. The Barnfield Housing Project area was a ghetto in which young boys would most likely end up running with crews and making the quick buck to survive. Murray was known around his neighborhood for always running away from the cops which caught the attention of future Mixed Martial Artist Mark “The Beast” Epstein. In the mid 90’s Mark Epstein was the leader of the gang “The Barney Boys.” Once the two became friends, Lee Murray became a member of The Barney Boys.

The Barney Boys were a very well known gang in South East London. They were known for their street fights, knife fights and drug sales. The Barney Boys were said to have their hands in anything that could earn them the fast cash. Mark “The Best” Epstein has even admitted shooting a man in the face over 200 kilos of cocaine. Lee Murray was no different in this aspect. Even after The Barney Boys started to fade away, Murray was said to have his hands in a lot of different baskets. This was said to be true even throughout Murray’s career as a professional Mixed Martial Artist.

Although Murray made it the UFC, unless you’re a big name like a Chuck Liddell or a Brock Lesnar, fighters generally don’t make that much money. Which leads many to wonder how Murray was able to afford his beautiful suburban home as well as his Range Rover and Ferrari? How did Murray afford his flashy mink coats and silk shirts? Murray was said to always be looking for a way to fast cash and one of those ways to fast cash was selling drugs. Being as flashy, a notorious drug dealer and loud, Murray often found himself a target.

On September 21st 2005, Lee Murray was hanging out at The Funky Buddha night club when he was approached by two men. Both of these men then attacked Lee with knives as he attempted to fight of the attackers. Lee was able to fight off the attackers while in the process losing his left nipple. Just like any tough guy, this didn’t stop Lee from going out to the same club the week after.

Lee Murray lost his life a total of three times after being stabbed at The Funky Buddha a week after losing his nipple. Murray was at The Funky Buddha attending glamour model Lauren Popes birthday when some familiar faces noticed him. Once being noticed outside the club, a huge brawl broke out. Murray was stabbed several times even yelling at one point “I’m dying”! Murray then ran to a nearby bus stop where he was later picked up by an ambulance. Due to all the blood loss, Murray died and was revived three times. After he was awakened for the third and last time, Murray was said to have motioned for a piece of paper to which he wrote one word “warrior.” Although the warrior was alive, he did need hospital stay to get well. This was said to be the time period when Murray masterminded the plot to commit the largest cash robbery in the history of the United Kingdom.

Four days after, Murray was nowhere to be found until British authorities received wind that he was in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mark “The Beast” Epstein later clarified that four days after the robbery, Murray was indeed in Amsterdam being protected by a Dutch mafia hitman on his way to Morocco. Murray was on his way to Morocco because he can claim citizenship due to the fact that his father is Moroccan. Soon after arriving in Morocco, Murray bought a $1.5 million Villa in the posh suburb of Souissi. Murray was arrested until it was proven that he was indeed Moroccan. Once proven that Murray was of Moroccan decent, he was released from jail. Murray who was virtually living up his gangster life, thought he was untouchable from any type of British arrest. This remained true although what Murray did not know is that he could be tried for his British crimes through Moroccan court.

Lee Murray was then re-arrested as a result of the British government’s plea to try Lee Murray in Moroccan court. Murray’s attorney has since said that if proven guilty, the most jail time he will serve is 10 years while his accomplices in the United Kingdom have received several life sentences. At 32 years of age, Murray is young and 10 years is not bad if he did in fact commit the robbery. Unlike other inmates, Murray gets special treatment. His cell is something similar to Pauley’s cell from the Goodfellas Murray also gets lots of phone time. Lee is said to be working on his own life story in which Time Warner has bought the rights to. Also Murray continues to train Mixed Martial Arts inside the Moroccan prison walls and if he does get 10 years, 42 is not a bad age to make a post-prison Mixed Martial Arts debut.


The history of the UFC, and the history to come

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With the recent news that the UFC has sold 10% of Zuffa to the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the UFC is on its way to help make MMA  the biggest sport in the world. The reasoning that the UAE is going to be a big help in the “10 year plan” is simply because the UAE can open some doors in to other larger markets faster than the UFC can do on their own. This making MMA (and of course the UFC) bigger in a shorter amount of time just like Dana Whites “10 year plan” intends. Knowing that the UFC will be branching into bigger international markets, it makes a person think about what a long way the UFC has come.

As most of us UFC fans know, The Ultimate Fighting Championship started off with the sole idea of what martial art would be most superior. For example, would a Karate guy beat a Judo guy? Would a kickboxer beat a wrestler? After a while, the scrawny BJJ fighter Royce Gracie continued to prove that BJJ was superior as he continued to defeat very large men. This also made the events more interesting to fans that watched the small Brazilian defeat much larger men. After having a few UFC events, people were talking and this talking eventually received recognition from the government. With all this recognition, it was very hard to show events as well as to get the events on to PPVs. Then came in Dana White and the Fertittas.

SEG (former owners of UFC) were having issues with sanctioning as well as nearly being bankrupt which caught the attention of fighter manager Dana White who then took his ideas of where this sport can be to the Fertitta brothers who had pull with the NSAC. The Fertitta brothers then took the gamble, bought the UFC for $2 million, regulated rules and created Zuffa, LLC. Zuffa also got the UFC back on PPV for UFC 33:Victory in Vegas. This starting the monster that we all know as The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Rise to the top

Before the UFC was the UFC, there was a legit competitor in Pride Fighting Championships. Pride had even made their way from Japan to the USA but there was an underlining issue and that issue was the UFC knew that Pride was having financial issues. Dana, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta must have played monopoly a lot as children because, they realized that when another competitor is down, they have to buy boardwalk while the owner of boardwalk will sell it cheaper than usual. So Zuffa bought Pride FC with a contract that also included all Pride tapes, fighter contracts as well as tv time in Japan. Although that’s what the deal consisted of, the Japanese (Yakuza) made the fighter contracts “non-transferable” and also killed any chance of the UFC making it onto Japanese television. Either way, the UFC was now the top dog in the MMA promotions circuit.

After purchasing Pride in 2007, the UFC could focus on its own growth because of a big lack in competitors. As a result, the UFC has made MMA what it is today and MMA is huge. That although is not enough for the business and MMA passionate Zuffa LCC as Zuffa has a “10 year plan” to make MMA the worlds largest sport. Dana White has also confirmed that at the start of this decade, the partnership between Zuffa LLC and UAE is the first step to making our favorite sport the biggest in the world.

Way to go Zuffa LLC.


Trainer Confirms Brock Lesnar Will Fight Again

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UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnars Trainer Greg Nelson has revealed that the Champ would indeed be fighting again. He also wanted to assure people and fans that the Champ is making a slow but smart recovery.

Speaking this week on ESPN’s MMA Live, Nelson said:

“Brock Lesnar is definitely coming back to fight. And he’s just kind of coming up slowly, training, trying to get his body ready and being smart with his recovery. He’s been going into the doctor and making sure everything is going well for him and he’ll continue to go in for a couple more tests to make sure he is 100% ready to train when he starts up. He still has a few more things to go through.”

“I know that he’ll be able to come back but we’re not going to push the river at all. We want him to be 100% when he starts to train, but being the tough guy and athlete the majority of his life, he’s been able to deal with adversity like this, so I’m sure once he gets going. He’ll be at the top of his game real quick.”

The curve ball is next week’s press conference set to be hosted by UFC President, Dana White and Brock himself, details of which Nelson is totally in the dark over.

“That’s the surprise for everybody. I’m not sure or the expectations are at this point right now.”

This is great news for the Champ, fans and most importantly Frank Mir. Joking aside, it’s good to know that Brock Lesnar is in good condition and I’m sure every UFC fan and MMA fan alike will be tuning in to the press conference that he will be hosting along side UFC Prez Dana White.


Jason “Mayhem” Miller on American Ninja Warrior

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UFC Fight Night 20: Diaz vs Maynard Predictions

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This card is exciting. The fighters on this card are definitely going to go to war. On this card, we have a bunch of guys trying to get there name out there and that usually means that they will do so by any means necessary. Lets get to my predictions.

Main Event: Nate Diaz vs Gray “The Bully” Maynard – These two brawlers have fought before on the 5th season of The Ultimate Fighter which lead to Diaz winning in the second round via guillotine choke. However, since The Ultimate Fighter, Maynard has gone undefeated as he has become more of an experienced fighter. Nate easily has the submission experience but I believe Maynard will be able to defend the submissions that Nate will throw at him as he did with Jim Miller. In the end, I think The Bully will pick up the decision by take downs.

My Pick: Gray Maynard defeats Nate Diaz via Decision

Co-Main Event: Efrain “Hecho en Mexico” Escudero vs Evan Dunham – This battle is a battle between to undefeated fighters as of yet. Efrain has virtually all submission wins but impressed many when he KO’ed Cole Miller in his most recent fight. Evan Dunham also mostly has submission wins although I can not see him wanting to go to the ground with Escudero. This battle will be a stand-up battle to where I think Escudero will KO Dunham.

My Pick: Efrain Escudero defeats Evan Dunham via KO

Fight: Tom “The Dirty Mauler” Lawlor vs Aaron “A-Train” Simpson – The classic wrestler vs wrestler scenario. Both men come from wrestling backgrounds but only one of these men was a NCAA All American twice and that man is Aaron Simpson. With Aaron having the better wrestling of the two, this fight will most likely stay on its feet. Some would ask why Simpson wouldn’t use that superior wrestling of his to do the job but the answer is simple. Most of Aaron Simpsons wins come via stoppage by hands and I see this fight ending in the same way.

My Pick: Aaron Simpson defeats Tom Lawlor via KO

Fight: Amir Sadollah vs “Bad” Brad Blackburn – Coming off his impressive win over Phil Baroni, Amir Sadollah finds himself to be excited about his fight with Brad Blackburn. Amir Sadollah primarily uses his Muay Thai and Sambo while Brad Blackburn started off fighting at 22 as a boxer before deciding to become a Mixed Martial Artist. As a boxer, Blackburn could have the advantage with his hands but Sadollah showed great kicks that could keep Blackburn at bay. Blackburn, who has only ever been submitted once and most likely will not get submitted by Sadollah. Therefor I believe that this fight will go the whole way with Sadollah taking the decision.

My Pick: Amir Sadollah defeats Brad Blackburn via Decision

There you have em. Lock in your bets.


Behind closed doors: Dana White talks with James Toney

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Jay Silva talks about fighting Chris Leben

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