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Worlds Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski defeats Marcin Najman in MMA debut

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Mariusz Pudzianowski who is best known for winning the titles of Worlds Strongest Man in both 2007 and 2008 steamrolled thru known boxer Marcin Najman in 44 seconds of his MMA debut. Mariusz who has 4th kyu green belt in Kyokushin Karate has also been focusing on boxing.

During the bout Mariusz showed and overwhelmed Najman with his strength even though his technique was poor. Mariusz basically came out and started throwing his tree trunk legs like he was kicking a giant soccer ball and Najman quickly became overwhelmed by the soccer punts. Then Mariusz chased after Najman throwing wild haymakers until Najman lost his balance and fell over. Mariusz then finished Najman off with a flurry of hammer fists that led to Najman submitting due to strikes.

Mariusz did secure the win and fairly quickly but he did not look worthy of a big show like the UFC, but then again the 320 pound man would have to cut to the 265 limit. You can watch the fight below.



Strikeforce Signs TNA Superstar Bobby Lashley

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Scott Coker said that he would be announcing the signing of some heavyweights this week and the first one to be announced so far has been none other than TNA Superstar Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley who isn’t just a pro wrestler on tv, but he was a standout in amateur wrestling as well. Lashley won 3 National Amateur Wrestling Championships (NAW) from 1996-1998 as well as winning 2 National Association Intercollegiate Athletics Championships (NAIA) from 1997-1998. Add his wrestling resume to his 6 foot 3 inch, 252 pound stature and you have a take down machine in the man who just started MMA one year ago. He has also accumulated a 4-0 record since.

Lashley made his debut on December 13th of last year. He fought Joshua Franklin under the Mixed Fighting Alliance banner “There Will Be Blood”. He finished Franklin in 41 seconds in the first round due to a cut. Lashley then went on to fight none other than Clay Guidas older brother Jason Guida where Lashley one the fight by unanimous decision. His next fight then was against Mike Cook who came to the ring wearing a mexican wrestling match. Bobby Lashley was so bothered by the mask that he finished Cook via guillotine in 24 seconds. Bobbys next match would be against his toughest opponent yet when he was set to fight MMA veteran Bob Sapp. Bobby Lashley quickly took Sapp down and began ground and pound in which Sapp eventually tapped out due to punches. With that kind of resume within a year, there was no doubt that an organization such as Strikeforce or even the UFC for that matter would be interested in what Bobby Lashley would bring to the table.

After many rumors have circulated around Bobby Lashley signing with Strikeforce over the last month or so, Lashley has finally signed. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has said that Lashleys first fight will be on the January 30th Strikeforce: Miami card. Headlining this card his Strikeforce Women’s Champion Cris “Cyborg” Santos as she fights Marloes Coenen. Other notables on this card include Nick Diaz, Herschel Walker, Jay Hieron (all of each do not yet have an opponent). Knowing all this, we can suspect another very good card from Strikeforce (minus the Herschel Walker circus).


Herschel Walker Hits the Mits

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Herschel Walker is going to be fighting on the January 30th Strikeforce card. Apparently, Herschel and Strikeforce seem to think he is ready to fight under such an MMA promotion. One thing is for sure, Herschel Walker is truly 47 and he looks it unlike real mixed martial artists like Randy Couture and Mark Coleman. Herschel’s form doesn’t look that great and he is far from light on his feet. I don’t see his fight going very well at all against any Strikeforce Heavyweight. What do you guys think?


Pride Veteran Dennis Kang cut by the UFC

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Pride Veteran and American Top Team fighter Dennis Kang has been released after losing at UFC 105 to the hands of Michael Bisping via TKO. This release makes a lot more sense than the most recent man to receive the axe Jake Rosholt.

The UFC has a habit of signing guys to 3 fight contracts and usually if you go 2-1, you will be safe for renegotiation. On the other hand, if you go 1-2 in your three fights (unless your Wanderlei Silva), you can most likely figure out that you will be fighting else where. But this UFC pattern wasn’t the case with fellow Middleweight Jake Rosholt who was recently released after his lose to Kendall Grove at UFC 106.

Kendall Grove was also in the same boat as Dennis and Jake if he had lost to Jake until he scored a triangle choke to secure the victory. Jake who has fought 4 times under the Zuffa name (one fight being in WEC) has gone 2-2 which isn’t exactly a 1-2 although it is in the UFC. Either way Jake showed a lot of promise and many believe that his release was premature as do I.

But one organizations loss could be another ones gain because the UFC has just released two promising Middleweight fighters that Strikeforce could use to up their ever-growing Middleweight division aswell as Strikeforce itself. Let’s hope to see these two fighting soon as many will be missing these two in the UFC.


With Brock Lesnar out, Shane Carwin is in limbo

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Since the news was broken that Brock Lesnar would not be able to compete at UFC 106, UFC 108 or potentially never again, the UFC has been trying to figure out what was best to do about the situation. Whether they create another UFC Heavyweight interim championship or whether not they would be stripping the ill Brock Lesnars title. Either way Shane Carwin is patiently waiting as the UFC figures out what to do with the No. 1 contender. Shane Carwin recently sat down with Bleacher Report to clear the air on how he feels about Brock, an interim title as well as the number one ranked Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.

Shane first wanted to clear the air about MMA fan rumors about how healthy Brock actually is, as well if Brock was trying to “duck” a man his same size.

“I certainly think that Brock gives the fans plenty to pick at when he’s healthy and able to defend himself. Here is a guy who is not only sick that he cant fight, but he may never fight again. He has spent a lot of his life being a professional athlete, and then all of a sudden he is at risk of loosing his ability to compete. I felt compelled to make sure that people knew I didn’t feel that Brock was “ducking me” or any of the other crazy things that were being said. Brock is a warrior and I don’t see him ducking anyone.”

After clearing the air about the whole Brock Lesnar situation, another question that many people are wondering is when Shane Carwin was going to fight again knowing that Brock Lesnar will be on the shelf for at least 6 months.

“I just need a full camp. I was asked to fight in Australia, but the day we were supposed to leave is the same day my wife is due to give birth. I am hoping to fight in March but I have no control over that.”

When asked who he was supposed to fight, he explained that he was offered an interim title shot against none other than Cain Velasquez. Because Shane is expecting a baby soon, he decided that an interim title shot is not as important aswell as having some choice words for an interim title.

“Titles are not important to me. The interim title is second place with a medal. I am already in that spot (No.1 contender spot), and I don’t mind fighting to protect my spot, but I don’t need a glorified trophy to do it. The Champion is Brock, and he has the only belt that should matter to any fighter in the Heavyweight division”

“I don’t want to be a glorified contender. I want to be the guy that went in and fought the best guy in our division for the most prestigious prize in our sport. Until then, I am just another UFC Heavyweight at he top of the division waiting for a fight.”

As the interview was coming to a close, Bleacher Report wanted to ask Shane if he was disappointed with Fedor Emelianenko signing with Strikeforce and not the UFC.

“Only because I would like to fight the guy. He is one of the best pound for pounders in the world and as a Heavyweight, he is the standard. If you were a true competitor, you would want to face Fedor and test yourself against one of the greatest fighters of all time. Fedor could technically be considered undefeated: he has 30 fights and will go down as one of the legends in our sport.”

Shane was then asked about how he felt about Strikeforce.

“Strikeforce has a huge viewing audience and they are willing to co-promote with M1. I suspect CBS will realize what they have in Fedor and will increase their marketing of him and Strikeforce.”

While Shane sits on the sidelines waiting to hear who is next, it is said that a bout between Minotauro and Cain Velasquez at UFC 110 in Australia will not be an interim title match (like Minotauro has been asking for). It seems that the UFC is waiting for Carwin to get his shot and apparently if Lesnar is not ready in time and is stripped of his title then Shane Carwin will be fighting the winner between Minotauro and Velasquez for either the UFC Heavyweight Championship or the UFC Heavyweight interim Championship. Until then, lets wish Brock Lesnar all the best as well as a speedy recovery.

(For a follow-up to this article, you can check it out here .)


ThatMMAGuys UFC 107 Predictions

Posted in ThatMMAGuys UFC 107 Picks on December 8, 2009 by thatmmaguy

As usual, I will only be giving out my predictions for the main card. So here they are, plain and simple.

Main Event: BJ “The Prodigy” Penn vs Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez

Prediction: BJ Penn defeats Diego Sanchez via Decision

Co Main Event: Frank Mir vs Cheick Kongo

Prediction: Frank Mir defeats Cheick Kongo via Submission

Jon Fitch vs Mike Pierce

Prediction: Jon Fitch defeats Mike Pierce via Decision

Kenny “KenFlo” Florian vs Clay “The Carpenter” Guida

Kenny Florian defeats Clay Guida via Submission

Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello vs Stefan “The Skyscrapper” Struve

Stefan Struve defeats Paul Buentello via Submission

There you have em, plain and simple.

Lock in your bets.


Dan Henderson signs with Strikeforce

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After Dan Henderson’s vicious knock out of Micheal Bisping at UFC 100, the top ranked middleweight in the world found himself without a renewed contract with the UFC. Although the UFC was definitely still interested in re-signing the 39 year old Pride veteran, Henderson and Zuffa had some disputes with their contract negotiations. UFC President Dana White has gone to say that Henderson was asking for way too much money as the result of Tito Ortiz and how much Zuffa was willing to pay Fedor Emelianenko to fight under the UFC banner. Dan Henderson has since gone to say it was never about the money which could also explain why he signed with Strikeforce. But why wouldn’t the top rank fighter not want to fight the top talent in the UFC?

After Dan Henderson’s manager Aaron Crecy announced that Dan Henderson had signed a four fight deal with Strikeforce, while also announcing that it was a hard decision between the two company’s.  Crecy explained that Henderson liked the thoughts of potential match ups in Strikeforce as well as the “rogue” style of the brand. One of these potential match ups that Henderson is looking forward to is with Jake Shields which is said to be his first opponent in a title match that would occur in April. It also seems like Henderson misses his Pride days because his manager has also indicated that he would like to fight in the Lightheavyweight and Heavyweight division against none other than Strikeforce Lightheavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi aswell as number one ranked Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. These fights all have the potential to be good. What do you think?