Pride Veteran Dennis Kang cut by the UFC

Pride Veteran and American Top Team fighter Dennis Kang has been released after losing at UFC 105 to the hands of Michael Bisping via TKO. This release makes a lot more sense than the most recent man to receive the axe Jake Rosholt.

The UFC has a habit of signing guys to 3 fight contracts and usually if you go 2-1, you will be safe for renegotiation. On the other hand, if you go 1-2 in your three fights (unless your Wanderlei Silva), you can most likely figure out that you will be fighting else where. But this UFC pattern wasn’t the case with fellow Middleweight Jake Rosholt who was recently released after his lose to Kendall Grove at UFC 106.

Kendall Grove was also in the same boat as Dennis and Jake if he had lost to Jake until he scored a triangle choke to secure the victory. Jake who has fought 4 times under the Zuffa name (one fight being in WEC) has gone 2-2 which isn’t exactly a 1-2 although it is in the UFC. Either way Jake showed a lot of promise and many believe that his release was premature as do I.

But one organizations loss could be another ones gain because the UFC has just released two promising Middleweight fighters that Strikeforce could use to up their ever-growing Middleweight division aswell as Strikeforce itself. Let’s hope to see these two fighting soon as many will be missing these two in the UFC.


2 Responses to “Pride Veteran Dennis Kang cut by the UFC”

  1. It’s too bad he lost to Bisping

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