Dan Henderson signs with Strikeforce

After Dan Henderson’s vicious knock out of Micheal Bisping at UFC 100, the top ranked middleweight in the world found himself without a renewed contract with the UFC. Although the UFC was definitely still interested in re-signing the 39 year old Pride veteran, Henderson and Zuffa had some disputes with their contract negotiations. UFC President Dana White has gone to say that Henderson was asking for way too much money as the result of Tito Ortiz and how much Zuffa was willing to pay Fedor Emelianenko to fight under the UFC banner. Dan Henderson has since gone to say it was never about the money which could also explain why he signed with Strikeforce. But why wouldn’t the top rank fighter not want to fight the top talent in the UFC?

After Dan Henderson’s manager Aaron Crecy announced that Dan Henderson had signed a four fight deal with Strikeforce, while also announcing that it was a hard decision between the two company’s.  Crecy explained that Henderson liked the thoughts of potential match ups in Strikeforce as well as the “rogue” style of the brand. One of these potential match ups that Henderson is looking forward to is with Jake Shields which is said to be his first opponent in a title match that would occur in April. It also seems like Henderson misses his Pride days because his manager has also indicated that he would like to fight in the Lightheavyweight and Heavyweight division against none other than Strikeforce Lightheavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi aswell as number one ranked Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. These fights all have the potential to be good. What do you think?



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