TUF 10’s Zak Jensen: The little brother who hit back

During the season of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Heavyweights, fans got to know Zak Jensen as the quiet little brother “Linderman” (nicknamed by Kimbo Slice). Zak was always having jokes played on him, was always at the end of the jokes during the season and all because he was considered an easy target. It even go to the point were cast members like Wes Sims started a poll for when Zak would freak out which was a good bet because in the final episode we saw Jensen flip out and attack James McSweeney after McSweeney locked the claustrophobic Jensen in the bathroom. Mcsweeney quickly took control of that situation placing Jensen in a guillotine hold. Jensen who is very timid seems like he has this different “black out” side to him that is reminiscent of child’s anger but there is one big difference here, Jensen is not a child, he is a skilled mixed martial artist which means a potential “black out” could lead to very bad things.

On a march trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Zak Jensen is the body guard to Ashley Jones. Also on this trip is the soon to be victim John Gunderson. As of now all is not clear and only Jensen has talked about the death of John Gunderson. Zak stated he woke up to Ashley Jones screaming “get off me”, so Jensen tried to intervene saying “he (Gunderson) was liking her but she wasn’t liking him”. Jensen then said that after he tried to intervene saying“I just defended myself, he (Gunderson) was attacking me”.Since then the Gunderson family has slapped a civil suit on Jensen alleging that Jensen had a “physical struggle or confrontation that led to the aspiration of gastric contents, asphyxiate and die”.

So what is the true story here? Was this all foul drunken play like Zak Jensen’s mother appears to believe with her recent comment “Alcohol was the responsible party here, way too much alcohol. That should be the focus”. What do you think? Seems shady, you be the judge.


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