ThatMMAGuy’s The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights finale predictions

TUF 10 Finale

That was an intense night of fights and drama watching the last The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights last episode. It also taught me more about how these guys fight. So with that said, let’s get to my predictions.

Main Event: Roy “Big Country” Nelson vs Brendan “The Hybrid” Shaub – On one hand we have Brendan Shaub seems to always be the comeback kid as he fights for his life before eventually getting free and knocking his opponents out. On the other hand we have a very well-rounded MMA veteran in Roy Nelson. I’m guessing Roy Nelson will not want to stand up with Shaub very long and will most likely be looking to set up the takedown and use his amazing ground control. Although Shaub has managed to escape from dangerous situations times before neither previous opponent has the grappling ability like Nelson (who has beaten the likes of Frank Mir and Jeff Monson in grappling competitions). That being said I believe Brendan will not be able to escape every time Nelson would get him down and control him and Shaub might just face the fait of a Kimbo Slice or a James McSweeney.

My Prediction: Roy Nelson defeats Brendan Shaub via TKO

Co Main Event: Matt “The Hammer” Hamill vs Jon “Bones” Jones – Matt Hamill in some cases has an advantage with more well tuned wrestling but at the same time, Jon Bones is no slouch in wrestling himself. Jon Jones has recently said that he is going to neutralize Hamill’s wrestling with his own (Bones) and I agree with him. I think that Jones will neutralize Hamills wrestling by using his wrestling to avoid the takedowns and keep it on the feet (much like Chuck Liddell). I think this will be an interesting but long fight with Bones getting the upper hand.

My Prediction: Jon Jones defeats Matt Hamill via Decision

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar vs Matt Veach – Wake me up when this wrestling match is over. The should get college wrestling coaches to score this fight. Joking. Frank Edgar has been up and coming for a while now and proves to get better each time he enters the octagon. Frank is known for his boxing and wrestling while his opponent Matt Veach is known for being a wrestler who recently won his UFC debut against Matt Grice via TKO punches. Hopefully these guys will stand and bang but my feeling is that this will be a wrestling match with rib punches with Frankie Edgar coming out on top.

My Prediction: Frankie Edgar defeats Matt Veach via Decision

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander vs Kimbo Slice – Wow am I excited for this match and you all know someones getting knocked out. Both of these men are known for their KO power and they both like to stand and bang. I think we will literally see fireworks. Kimbo has come a long way since his backyard brawl days but this fight might aswell be in one of those Florida backyards “cuz fists be flying”. Since The Ultimate Fighter, Kimbo Slice has been working with American Top Team in Florida which has the likes of (and training partners) Thiago Silva, Jeff Monson, Darill Schoonover, Mike Brown ect. Either way, I think one of these guys is getting KO’ed but I’d put my odds at Kimbo 60% and Houston 40%.

My Prediction: Kimbo Slice defeats Houston Alexander via KO

Justin “The Viking” Wren vs Jon Madsen – This is another fight between two wrestlers but I have a feeling that this fight will turn out to be a lot like the TUF fight between Justin Wren and Roy Nelson. In that fight Wren and Nelson went in to the fight knowing that both mens skills on the ground would neutralize the others so the fought a stand up battle. I think it will be very similar because both men come from strong wrestling backgrounds. So once this fight is standing, it’s up to the striking and Justin is the better striker with most his MMA wins coming via TKO.

My Prediction: Justin Wren defeats Jon Madsen via TKO

Darill Schoonover vs James McSweeney – In this corner we have a kickboxer and in this corner we have a judo practitioner. It’s the typical who would win between a striking and ground guy. What has Royce Gracie taught us?

My Prediction: Darill Schoonover defeats James McSweeney via Submission

Marcus “The Darkness” Jones vs Matt “Meathead” Mitrione – I don’t know about Matt but I would definitely not want that monster of a man in my face threatening to kill me. Marcus is clearly going to go out for the kill on this fight. The image of Marcus coming out there getting the takedown and tearing his arm off seems highly likely. I’m guessing that this fight will be over in no time.

My Prediction: Marcus Jones defeats Matt Mitrione via Submission

There you have em, lock in your bets.


3 Responses to “ThatMMAGuy’s The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights finale predictions”

  1. Very cool. Thanx 4 the forwards

  2. I don’t think Kimbo can compete with Houston.

    Nelson will be hard to beat because he remains so cool. However there is time for Shaub to improve because of the delay in the taping of the show and the finale.

    Marcu and Matt will just be fun to watch and I’m sure they will make it very mellow dramatic.

    Hamill will win if he can check and catch kicks of Jones. He needs to keep in mind that Jones has some slick Judo and wrestling as well. Matt will win if he does the dirty boxing.

    Just my thoughts.

    • thatmmaguy Says:

      It was a hard fight for me to call bc both men have punchers chance. It could go either way but something tells me Kimbo.

      Thats very true about Nelson. Hes very seasoned.

      Mitrione personally bothered me during the show so it would be very exciting to see him get his ass handed to him.

      I think Jon Bones is the real deal and besides being the odds favorite, he looks better in each fight.

      Thank you very much for your thoughts and if your right, I owe you a drink.


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