My friend Aaron Tru: The man who Cris Cyborg choked out

I got to become friends with Aaron Tru (who has interviewed the best fighters in the sport) thru facebook after I saw an interview that he had and we bonded on an MMA fan level where he has been in the game for a while and I just started out in the summer of 09. I asked if he would check out my website and give me his thoughts and criticism on how I could make it better aswell as how to get more readers. Aaron was very cool and not stand “offish” and did in fact help me in these areas. For example, I had an article about Strikeforce and I incorrectly spelt the Strikeforce CEO’s name by calling him Scott Cocker instead of Scott Coker. Obviously he found it amusing and I felt a little embarrassed making such a tiny mistake as I fixed it immediately. Ever since Aaron has been a big help using his name to create MMA facebook pages in which he (unlike other MMA facebook pages) lets up and comers like myself post our work so that we can get more viewers to our page so that we don’t think we are wasting our time. Additionally to his help with creating MMA pages for us to post on, he recently asked if I wanted to exchange links which I must admit made my day. Let’s be honest, he is on a whole different MMA level than I and I receive an average of 100 views a day yet he is nice enough to exchange links which would up that 100 quite a bit. Either way I would like to say thank you to Aaron Tru and in his honor I will post his two battles between Strikeforce womans champ Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

Enjoy and meet (if you haven’t already) my friend Aaron Tru.

Ouch Aaron. Maybe Eddie Bravo can help you with some rear naked choke defense?

Alright buddy, looks like your ready for that rematch.

Don’t worry Aaron, you will get your rubber match.

There you have it. You have met Aaron Tru. A true MMA reporter who keeps his interviews and his questions different from the rest. For more Aaron Tru, you can check him out at…………..


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