UFC 105 Bombshell: Brock Lesnar is extremely ill

After UFC 105 was done and over with, Dana White had a major announcement that stunned the MMA world. That announcement was that not only will Brock Lesnar not be able to compete in his already re-scheduled UFC 108 bout with Shane Carwin but he might not ever be able to compete in the sport due to his undisclosed but very serious illness. It was even serious enough to the point that Dana was talking about stripping his heavyweight title and or creating another interim heavyweight championship belt depending on how serious the illness is.

White didn’t give out what the champ was suffering from but he did say that the champ had mono before going on a “relaxing trip” to Canada that turned out made whatever it is that he has worst as he was rushed to the hospital. White also explained that he would figure out all this mess next week when he meets with Lesnar and his people.

Love him or hate him, lets hope for the best for the big guy. Lets also hope that we can see the Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin fight.


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