It turns out that Kimbo Slice will be fighting at The Ultimate Fighter finale

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

In a recent conference call, Kimbo Slice has been talking about his life in MMA aswell as his next opponent Roy “Big Country” Nelson. After seeing last weeks “next week” preview, we have all realized that in the fight between Kimbo and the IFL veteren Roy Nelson that Kimbo lands a huge right hand. Does that mean he KOed Roy Nelson? Not exactly, but it may mean that Kimbo is actually now worthy of fighting in MMA.

During this interview Kimbo confirmed that he was in fact getting ready for The Ultimate Fighter finale in december. Does that mean that he won? No, it does not, it may just mean that he did well enough (just like the first fight between Lesnar and Frank Mir) to earn a chance at a fight in the finally and possible against the man he lost to aswell as the man the UFC brought back Seth Petruzelli. Either way this should be interesting considering Kimbo’s previous KO lose to Seth and the shit that Seth has been talking about Kimbo.

Recently Seth Petruzelli has come out to the public saying that he has tried to fight Slice numerous times after Kimbos KO lose saying that Kimbo had denied Seths attempts to fights again. During this conference however, Slice responded to this claim by saying quote “No1 ever approached me with no rematch with Seth and that right there is bull shit…… I’ve never turned down a rematch with nobody”. This being said, I have to side with Kimbo. I truly doubt that he would ever not accept a fight with anyone including UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Kimbo is actually at a great camp right now working on his ground game at the Florida base American Top Team and apparently, Kimbo’s got a lot of heart to make this thing work for him and he is also doing this “fight game” for a higher cause…….. his family. Good luck Kimbo and although I cant see you beating Nelson, It appears that you have impressed Dana enough to get another fight and possibly a UFC contract with your will to fight and feed your family.

Much love and respect.


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