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Tim Sylvia is back!!! Sort of anyway

Posted in Tim Sylvia is back. Sort of anyway on September 19, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Tim Sylvia
Tim Sylvia

Former 2 time UFC heavyweight champion Tim “The Maniac” Sylvia went up against Jason Riley last night at Adrenaline 4 pulling out a 1st round TKO. Some would be impressed by this because Tim has lost his last 4/5 fights leading up to this fight. Sylvia had even said that if he does not get through Jason Riley, then it was time to hang up the gloves. But how did he preform?

Well, where is Brett Rogers when you need him so like Kimbo Slice (after his fight with James Thompson), he could also call Sylvias performance “garbage”. Although he secured a first round TKO, I wasn’t impressed at anything Sylvia had to offer other than his reach which ultimately sealed his win over Riley. Neither men gave good preformances and looked a lot like the freak shows of Kimbo Slices fights at Elite XC. So again, where is Brett Rogers when you need him to call someones preformance “garbage”?
Tim Sylvia may have been a 2 time former UFC heavyweight champion but in no way can he compete at the level that is todays UFC heavyweight division. If you don’t believe me, then check out the fight for yourself and sorry if you get bored by the lack of martial arts in this video.
On another not former UFC lightheavyweight competitor who was also on the Adrenaline 4 card, Houston Alexander looked very impressive with his first round TKO of Sherman Pendergarst. Unlike Sylvia, he looks like he could again compete in the UFC. Check out his fight below.
There you have it. What do you think?

The Ultimate Fighters Darrill Schoonover

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Darrill Schoonover

Darrill Schoonover

This past thursday, I got the chance to speak and ask a couple questions to Darrill Schoonover (of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Heavyweights) through ‘s weekly MMA radio show.

Although he doesn’t look it, Darrill Schoonover is a guy to watch out for on this season of The Ultimate Fighter 10 heavyweights. Darrill starting training MMA techniques at the age of 17 in judo, bjj, wrestling and kickboxing. By the time Darrill was 19, he joined the United States Army. After the Army, he attended Central Texas College earning himself a degree in history. After that, he took up MMA professionally, he racked up an impressive 10-0 record with none of the fights going the distance. So like I said, this guy is a guy to watch out for on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. So lets get to my 3 questions (only one question is not relative to the season premier of The Ultimate Fighter).

ThatMMAGuy – What were you thinking when Dana White said that there was one more heavyweight coming into the gym that he has talked a lot of s**t on and out of nowhere Rampage says “Who is it?” “Tank Abbott”?

Darrill Schoonover – “hahahaha. Well, I would have to say that just like the other guys there, I found that comment pretty funny”.

ThatMMAGuy – hahaha. I thought it was very funny myself. Next question. What were you thinking when the fighter Dana White was talking about was Kimbo Slice?

Darrill Schoonover – “Well to be honest, I had heard rumors before that suggesting that Kimbo might be on the show and then I looked around and only saw 15 guys when there was supposed to be 16″. ” When he came through the door, I wasn’t really surprised or did I think anything of it”.

ThatMMAGuy – Cool, cool. Final question. What do you do to prepare yourself for a fight? Play cards, shoot pool, meditate, chill with friends or do you throw up like Abe Wagner?

Darrill Schoonover – “hahahah”. “Yeah I just chill and tried to stay relaxed.” “Being relaxed is very important in the fight game so I just try to stay relaxed and my friends are a big help with that”.

ThatMMAGuy – Awesome. Thanks man

Darrill Schoonover – “Yeah no problem buddy”.

I didn’t get to ask many questions because I was told before I called into the show that I would have to be very careful with my questions because I could not ask anything that might spoil results of The Ultimate Fighter. Darrill was very cool during his radio interview with the hosts at MMA weekly aswell with me. I would say that Darrill has a very good shot at taking the title of The Ultimate Fighter with his only real challenge may be Roy Nelson.