Cung Le backs down from Strikeforce Middleweight Championship

Cung Le

Cung Le

Cung Le who hasn’t defended his Strikeforce middleweight championship since winning it from Frank Shamrock in March of 2008 has done the right thing by backing down from his title. The reasoning why he hasn’t defended his title since is because of his acting in films. This left a lot of MMA fans wondering whether this man was really a fighter or just another action movie star. Well last night we found out that Cung Le is an action movie star.

Last night while I was ‘s (Andrei Arlovski official website) , internet weekly show, the hosts were interuppted with breaking news that Cung Le has stepped down from his title. I was shocked but also extremely happy about this as was the rest of the fans in the chat room. For me this meant that I guy who was loosing my respect due to his lack of fighting most recently quickly gained all my respect back by doing the right thing. Once Cung Le was offered another movie deal and knew he would be out longer, he was noble by backing down. So what’s next for the Strikeforce middleweight championship?

Well you know that october bout between Mayhem Miller and Jake Shields that was to be for the interim middleweight championship? That’s right, it has now turned into the middlweight championship title match for the vacant title. This is very exciting Strikeforce continues to up there game. This is awesome for the sport of MMA as a whole whether Dana White may like it or not. Stay tuned for Mayhem Miller and Jake Shields to fight in october.


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