UFC 103 Picks

UFC 103 is packed with some great fights and I must admit that this event has been the toughest to predict. Stylistically these matches and the style of the fighters match up very well which made my decision harder. But never the less, I have weighed the stats aswell as visualized the fights in my head and I again feel confident in my decisions. So here they are……..(Remember that as usual, I only predict the Main Card)

Main Event: Rich “Ace” Franklin vs Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort – This is a fight between to veterens who are still on the top of thier game. Another exciting main event the UFC pulled of here. Both men have been in between weight classes and will be fighting at a catchweight 194 lbs. This fight is going to be a smart fight and I believe that it will go all 3 rounds with Franklin showing his all around better skills.

My Pick: Rich Franklin via Unanimous Decision

Co Main Event: Mirko Cro Cop vs Junior Dos Santos – This is the fight of the night for me, not because I believe that it will go all 3 rounds but because it’s the fight I’m looking foreward to the most. Mirko is a legend when it comes to striking and those bone crushing hits of his but sad enough to say, he’s out matched here. Cro Cop seems to have issues with big Brazilians with KO power and there is a big Brazilian with KO power awaiting him in the octagon. Like Chiek Kongo (who beat Crop Cop) Dos Santos is 6 foot 4 which gives him the reach advantage to go with the KO power.

My Pick: Junior Dos Santos via TKO

3rd Fight: Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann vs Paul “Semtex” Daley – This fight was supposed to be Mike Swick vs Martin Kampmann for the #1 welterweight contender until Swick was injured in training. Paul Daley who was recently picked up by the UFC was set to fight at Afflictions Trilogy against Jay Hieron. Paul Daley obviously took this on short advantage but had been training either way. This fight will most likely go all 3 rounds with Kampmann taking the decision.

My Pick: Martin Kampmann via decision

4th Fight: Josh “Kos” Koscheck vs Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg – Frank Trigg finally makes his way back to the Octagon but has trouble waiting in Koscheck. Trigg who is a veteren by this point seems to have issues with strong wrestlers like GSP and Matt Hughes and Kocheck is a strong wrestler who has been in the top ten for a while now. Although Frank is excitied to be in the Octagon again, I bet he wishes he was matched up with someone else. Either that or he is out to prove himself.

My Pick: Josh Koscheck via Decision

5th Fight: Tyson Griffin vs Hermes Franca – Here is a fight that for most part, I believe is going to resemble a stale mate because either ones tools outweighs the others by much and by that I mean top and ground game. This fight looks like a long one folks so take your time getting settled with your food and beers. Tyson will most likely hold him down quite a bit.

My Pick: Tyson Griffin via decision

Looks like another good one except for the first fight of the night. Hope everyone gets to see it. And if you don’t, remember to check my site the next day and you will have he results aswell as the comparisons to my picks.


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