Top Ten Guys that should be in the UFC

Mayhem Miller

Mayhem Miller

The UFC for the most part has the best MMA contenders in the game but the UFC still doesn’t have all of the best so I decided to give a countdown to who I would most like to see fighting in the octagon. So let’s take a look. Coming in at number 10 in the countdown is……….

10. Nick Diaz (20-7) – Nick Diaz is one tough son of a sinorita in MMA’s welterweight division. Nick Diaz is most known for his “punk” like attitude, his TKO wins against Robbie Lawler and Frank Shamrock as well as not being able to contend because he enjoys his blunts. Because of his constant drug test failures, he comes in at number 10.

9. Cung Le (6-0) – Cung Le is MMA’s Jackie Chan. This guy with his Shan Shou and kickboxing backround throws kicks around in the cage like Jackie Chan does in the movies. Cung Le is also known for being Strikeforce’s middleweight champion after he picked apart Frank Shamrock. The problem with Cung Le and the reason he comes in at number 9 is because he has gone Hollywood and is starting to go down the movie path. Because of his movie career, he hasn’t defended his belt in over a year and Strikeforce has been forced to create a middleweight interim belt.

8. Jake Shields (23-4) – Jake Shields is awesome. Here is another fighter from the Cesar Gracie BJJ school. This is a man who recently made short work of top ten rated Robbie Lawler. Jake Shields has apeared on both seasons so far of bully beatdown where he literally kicked the shit out of the bully’s. Jake will be facing Mayhem Miller this fall to determine who will win the Strikeforce interim middleweight championship.

7. Brett Rogers (10-0) – Here is a guy who’s MMA stock rocketed after his impressive 22 second KO of top ranked heavyweight and former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. This is a man with a lot of power and a lot of skill. We shall see if his stock will rise more if he beats Fedor Emelianenko this november. Look out for this guy in the heavyweight division folks.

6. Eddie Alvarez (18-2) – Here is a man that has been ranked in the top 3 lightweights for as long as I can remember and there is a reason for that, he’s badass. He has a record of 18-2 with one of those loses being to number 2 ranked lightweight Shinya Aoki. Alvarez also has an impressive win over top ranked Joachim Hansen. Dana White has expressed interest in Alvarez competing in the UFC.

5. Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal (5-0) – I must admit that at first I didn’t like this guy because of the exchange of words King Mo had with everyones favorite Rampage Jackson. That changed for me rapidly when he defeated Mark Kerr in 25 seconds at M1 Globals most recent event “Breakthrough”. So after I saw that match, I looked up his record and noticed he has a huge TKO victory over MMA veteren Travis Wiuff. This guy is no joke and I wouldn’t mind watching him take on Rampage. That would be a tough fight to call.

4. Jason “Mayhem” Miller (22-6) – What can I say about Mayhem other than this guy is an entertainer. From his fight entrances, his humorous behavior and the way he beats on people, this guy is here to entertain us fans. Besides him being awesome outside the ring, he is a top ten fighter in my book and I think people will realize this in his upcoming bout with Jake Shields.

3. Shinya Aoki (21-4)- Shinya Aoki is the man. Just check out his funny pants. But besides the funny pants, this guy can whoop ass. I truely believe that if he were to fight BJ Penn that he would beat Penn with his crazy Judo and BJJ. Dana White has also expressed interest in Shinya Aoki. But if he fights in the UFC, he cant wear those sweet pants. Let him wear the sweet pants please.

2. Gegard Mousasi (26-2)- This is who I would call little Fedor on account that he trains with Fedor. Gegard seems to also take out the top competition like Fedor. Check out his fight against Jacare and even the fight with Babalu Sobral where he literally punched him to the ground and used vicious ground and pound much like Fedor. What I would love to see is Gegard fight Lyoto Machida. That would be interesting.

1. Fedor Emelianenko (30-1,1NC)- Well if you read my blog, then you know how excited I was about Fedor potentionally coming to the UFC after Affliction folded. But then I was crushed to hear that he would be fighting in Strikeforce. He’s still the number 1 guy I want to see in Strikeforce although because I want those questions to be answered. Although as strange as it sounds, I don’t think Brock can take Fedor but I don believe that Frank Mir can. Please Fedor, get your head out of your managements ass and fight some real contenders.


Shinya Aokis pants

Shinya Aoki's pants

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