Strikeforce Heavyweight Champ decides to compete in K-1

Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem has not defended his title since 2007 when he defeated veteren MMA fighter Paul Buentello. This is why I love the exclusive UFC contract because since his defending of the title, he has fought 4 times in 2 different organizations since then. Now Alistair is holding off his defending the Strikeforce Heavyweight belt even longer because he has decided to compete in K-1’s ( a kickboxing promotion) Grand Prix which is tournament based.

WHAT THE HELL STRIKEFORCE??? It seems like every top talent champion in Strikeforce can get away with winning the championship and then, just doing whatever they may feel like. For another example besides Alistair Overeem, take a look at Cung Le. Cung Le won his Strikeforce middleweight championship belt in march of 2008 and hasn’t defended since because of his new movie career where he will play the part of Marshall Law in the upcoming Tekken film. The ultimate result of Cung Le not being able to defend his title has been that Scott Coker ( Strikeforce CEO) has made an interim middleweight championship ( much like when the UFC was in contractual dispute with then heavyweight champion Randy Couture) in which the champion will be decided after Jason Mayhem Miller and Jake Shields go at it. Strikeforce will be in trouble very quickly if crap like this continues to occur.

The UFC as a brand has been much better with making sure thier fighters fight when they’re supposed to and don’t get caught using banned substances. I can guarantee that if Strikeforce continues just letting their fighters do whatever they do than the UFC will eat them, just like they did to Pride and Elite XC.

Get your shit together Strikeforce or you will never be the Burger King to the UFC’s McDonalds


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