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It turns out that Kimbo Slice will be fighting at The Ultimate Fighter finale

Posted in Kimbo Slice to fight at TUF 19 finale on September 28, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

In a recent conference call, Kimbo Slice has been talking about his life in MMA aswell as his next opponent Roy “Big Country” Nelson. After seeing last weeks “next week” preview, we have all realized that in the fight between Kimbo and the IFL veteren Roy Nelson that Kimbo lands a huge right hand. Does that mean he KOed Roy Nelson? Not exactly, but it may mean that Kimbo is actually now worthy of fighting in MMA.

During this interview Kimbo confirmed that he was in fact getting ready for The Ultimate Fighter finale in december. Does that mean that he won? No, it does not, it may just mean that he did well enough (just like the first fight between Lesnar and Frank Mir) to earn a chance at a fight in the finally and possible against the man he lost to aswell as the man the UFC brought back Seth Petruzelli. Either way this should be interesting considering Kimbo’s previous KO lose to Seth and the shit that Seth has been talking about Kimbo.

Recently Seth Petruzelli has come out to the public saying that he has tried to fight Slice numerous times after Kimbos KO lose saying that Kimbo had denied Seths attempts to fights again. During this conference however, Slice responded to this claim by saying quote “No1 ever approached me with no rematch with Seth and that right there is bull shit…… I’ve never turned down a rematch with nobody”. This being said, I have to side with Kimbo. I truly doubt that he would ever not accept a fight with anyone including UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Kimbo is actually at a great camp right now working on his ground game at the Florida base American Top Team and apparently, Kimbo’s got a lot of heart to make this thing work for him and he is also doing this “fight game” for a higher cause…….. his family. Good luck Kimbo and although I cant see you beating Nelson, It appears that you have impressed Dana enough to get another fight and possibly a UFC contract with your will to fight and feed your family.

Much love and respect.


What’s Next for Anderson Silva? Vitor Belfort

Posted in Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort UFC 108 on September 26, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Vitor The Phenom Belfort

Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort

Dana White has announced that there has been a verbal contract between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and The Phenom Vitor Belfort for UFC 108 in january. This will be a fantastic match to view. Both of these men like to duke it out and stylistically speaking, this will be the toughest bout to date for Anderson Silva.

Vitor who recently and in a very impressive manner KOed UFC veteran Rich Franklin at UFC 103 showed that the old Vitor Belfort is back and that means everyone in the UFC middleweight division needs to watch out including Anderson Silva. Two of the best technical boxers in the MMA game are going to go at it in a match that could go either way. I can not wait for this one but will have to wait til my birthday month and what a present I will get when I get to watch two of the greatest attempt to knock each other out. What do you guys think?


PPV’s are in… Mayweather defeats UFC 103

Posted in PPV are in Mayweather defeats UFC 103 on September 25, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Floyd Money Mayweather

Floyd "Money" Mayweather

The results are in and it seems that the UFC although may make more annually. could not compete with the pay per views head to head. We are not there yet MMA fans but it wont be long now until boxing will be a sport that gets the views of boxing. The Mayweather vs Marquez fight was 15 rounds of “Dancing with the Star” when UFC 103 did not have one fight that went all 3 rounds. Regardless of the excitment in each sport and how the two sports compare to each other, boxing got the upper hand and won this pay per view battle.

HBO released yesterday that the Mayweather/ Marquez fight took in a total amount of 1 million views. At 50 dollars a piece and for 15 boring rounds of dancing, I bet a lot were upset when they could have been watching UFC 103, but hey, I’m bitter about this. UFC 103 to in an estimated 400 thousand PPV’s which gave the world of boxing a landslide victory but I still have hopes!

At $45, a fight fan could save $5 and watch more exciting fights with the UFC and I think after 15 boring rounds of boxing, boxing fans might just say f that. Boxing has 2 or 3 guys that will give exciting fights when the MMA world has too many to count. Boxing is on thier way out and after seeing the display of this past boxing bout, I’m sure that our MMA world will continue to grow because like the stats say “MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world today”.

For anyone interested in where I recieved these numbers, here is where you can find them.

Mayweather vs Marquez PPV buys –

UFC 103 Franklin vs Belfort –

Also I would like to thank KMBReferee for putting me in the ball park and letting me know when HBO would release the PPV buys. You can check him out at


Herschel Walker should fight Chuck Zito in his Strikeforce debut

Posted in Herschel Walker should fight Chuck Zito in MMA debut on September 25, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Chuck Zito

Chuck Zito

Notorious tough guy Chuck Zito has always expressed interest in fighting MMA and even himself at 56 years old says if he’s going to do it, he’s gotta do it soon. Zito who is most known for his Italian wise guy role Chucky Pancamo, is also known for his famous Scores knock outs of both Jean-Claude Van Damm and poker television host AJ Benza. So you might ask if he would actually be good in the cage and my answer is hell yes to the ex Hells Angel.

Not only is Chuck Zito street certified much like Kimbo Slice, this man has much more experience and skill than Slice and look where he is. Zito fought in the New York Golden Gloves so that very well explains how he is able to KO guys with one punch. Aswell as having been a contender in the New York Golden Gloves, this man has extensive skills in mix martial arts being a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This guy is very well rounded and was even before the craze to be well rounded in MMA began. So why do I think he would beat Herschel Walker?

Herschel Walker on paper has nowhere near the skills that Chuck Zito posseses and yet he is the talk of the town in Strikeforce. Both men would be heavyweight contenders and this would fare to be a great match. Although Zito is 9 years older than Walker, I believe the man when he says that he feels good and is ready to go. So how about it Strikeforce? Let’s see these two go at it.

Below I have included a video of an interview The Fight Nerd had with Zito this past August. Today I will be emailing both Chuck Zito at as well as Strikeforce. I’m going to try aswell to get the word out via my twitter aswell as a friend of mine who interviews MMArtists


The final fight of Rampage Jackson: Rampage Jackson vs Dana White

Posted in Rampage vs Dana: Rampage quits fight game on September 24, 2009 by thatmmaguy

If you read the blog of Quinton Rampage Jackson ( ), then you would know that the former lightheavyweight champion is hanging up the gloves to pursue his newly found career in acting. Rampage, who recently took up the role of B.A. Baracus in the upcoming A-Team film, angered (and rightfully so) boss and president of the UFC Dana White when Rampage had to pull out of the main event at UFC 107 against rival Rashad Evans. Dana White who speaks his mind went to the radio and internet saying that he was very dissapointed with and wasn’t even talking to Rampage right now because of his decision while also including that he likes Rampage, but doesn’t know what he is thinking. When Rampage found this out, he made an even more emotional decision writing that he will no longer be fighting.

On tuesday september 22nd, the fight world aswell as myself were shocked to hear that Rampage Jackson would no longer be fighting the rival fight that we all wanted to see, but would just no longer be fighting what so ever. In his blog he gave the statement that “the UFC has done a lot for me but I have done more for them”. This statement seems unbelievable considering all the opportunities he was giving by the UFC such as title shots and the 2 times he coached on The Ultimate Fighter. But where I think Rampage was/is really hurt by Dana’s comments but then again, when you pulled out of a main event everyone has been waiting for, not because of an injury but because of another career, what do you think Dana was going to say? You know how Dana is, Rampage and now you are taking it to heart in a manner that says you will never fight again? Don’t be a baby. You should have expected that kind of reaction from Dana White but as fans, you should also expect our reaction to all this but one thing we did not think would happen is how imature of a reaction Rampage would have to stop fighting period because of one mans inevitable comments. “Look at where Mr T is now and think about what your doing” as Dana said. Rampage has great character, but am I cant imagine him as the next Denzel Washington or Will Smith.

Considering that this seems like an act of emotion, I would not say that this is truly the end of Ramage in the fight game because I’m sure that Rampage and Dana will “hug it out bitch” and Rampage will take to the octagon again. Until then, if Rampage decides to be stubborn then I say good luck to him aswell as “I pity the fool” who drops guaranteed paychecks.


Update: Rampage Jackson will be fighting in the UFC again to finish out his contract. Click the link for more information.

My Picks for Strikeforce Challengers 3: Kennedy vs Cummings

Posted in My Picks for Strikeforce Challengers 3: Kennedy vs Cummings on September 22, 2009 by thatmmaguy

I have never been one to complain about free MMA events but to be honest, this event is not one to be excited about. The only exciting match on this main card except for the main event which has US Army Ranger Tim Kennedy headlining. Regardless of how I feel about this event, I have hope that maybe Scott Coker (CEO of Strikeforce) has found some up and coming fighters. Either way I have made my picks for the main card and here they are……..

1st Fight of Main Card: Thomas Longacre (4-0) vs Travis “The Dark Night” Calanoc (4-0)

My Pick: I have searched the internet far and wide to find any information on these two men but not even has these two listed on thier fight finder. The only thing I could find is the records of both men.

2nd Fight of the Main Card: Tyron “T-Wood” Woodley (5-0) vs Zach “Lisbon Outlaw” Light (6-8)

My Pick: Tyron Woodley defeats Zach Light via submission – T-Wood is an up and comer with a nack for submitting people whether it be by submission hold or strikes. Zach Light has a nack for being submitted and I think with a record like Lights (not so good), he will be submitted.

Co Main Event: Ray “Sugarfoot” Sefo (1-0) vs Kevin “The Shaman” Jordan (11-7)

My Pick: Ray Sefo defeats Kevin Jordan via KO – Ray Sefo is very good with his hands having a long career as a kickboxer and has even dabbled in boxing. Kevin Jordan likes to stand and bang and he will do so even with Sefo’s kickboxing pedigree. Look to find Jordan on the mat early.

Main Event: Tim Kennedy (11-2) vs Zak Cummings (10-0)

My Pick: Tim Kennedy defeats Zak Cummings via TKO – Zak Cummings seems like he has a good career in the works for himself but he has a tough test ahead of him in Tim Kennedy. Zak Cummings is a wrestler and that could pose some problems for him but Kennedy is more experienced and is a much better boxer. Although this will be a tough one, I think Kennedy will finish the fight via TKO.

There you have them. Let’s hope for a night of great fights.


Jean-Claude Van Damm set to fight K-1

Posted in Jean-Claude Van Damm to fight in K-1 on September 21, 2009 by thatmmaguy
Jean-Claude Van Damm

Jean-Claude Van Damm

In one corner we have a Belgium- American action film star and in the other corner we have a Thai action film star. Jean-Claude Van Damm will be taking on 1996 Olympic Thai boxing medalist Somluck Kamsing under the K-1 banner. This is cool because we can see 2 action film stars go at it in a “Bloodsport”. Although both these men are action film stars, both men are very skilled kickboxers.

Somluck Kamsing is a very skilled Thai kickboxer who has competed 4 Olympic games, winning a featherweight gold medal in 1996. He most recently competed in the 2004 Olympics. At 36 he is 12 years younger than Van Damm giving him the age advantage.

Van Damm who has an impressive kickboxing record of 18-1 is no slub even with the age advantage. His only lost came to a 2 round decision to kickboxer Patrick Tuegels. Although he lost to Patrick Tuegels, Van Damm’s last fight and victory was a 1st round KO of Patrick Tuegels in 1980. The question is though, does he still have it after 29 years of not fighting?

This bout is scheduled for some date in march of 2010. The bout will be under Thai boxing rules with the exception of the use of elbows in which Van Damm requested because he is an actor and does not want any cuts on his face. So why are you putting yourself in a boxing match with an Olympic gold medalist if you don’t want that pretty boy mug of yours getting banged up? Are you not going to get hit old man? Either way this will be exciting and I will be watching to see if Van Damms got anything left from his good old days of ass whooping.


UFC Fight Night 19 Salaries released

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With a total payroll of $476,000, UFC was a huge hit as far as the fights and as far as the numbers. Live on Spike TV, UFC Fight Night racked in 4.5 million views. Dana White was extremely happy about this and took to his twitter thanking fans like you and I. So heres who got what.

Nate Diaz: $48,000 (includes $24,000 win bonus)
def. Melvin Guillard: $14,000

Gray Maynard: $24,000 ($12,000 win bonus)
def. Roger Huerta: $21,000

Carlos Condit: $48,000 ($24,000 win bonus)
def. Jake Ellenberger: $10,000

Nate Quarry: $60,000 ($30,000 win bonus)
def. Tim Credeur: $10,000

Brian Stann: $22,000 ($11,000 win bonus)
def. Steve Cantwell: $10,000

Mike Pyle: $30,000 ($15,000 win bonus)
def. Chris Wilson: $17,000

C.B. Dollaway: $28,000 ($14,000 win bonus)
def. Jay Silva: $6,000

Phillipe Nover: $20,000*
vs. Sam Stout: $24,000*

Jeremy Stephens: $24,000 ($12,000 win bonus)
def. Justin Buchholz: $8,000

Mike Pierce: $12,000 ($6,000 win bonus)
def. Brock Larson: $26,000

Ryan Jensen: $8,000 ($4,000 win bonus)
def. Steve Steinbeiss: $6,000

This information has been provided to me by my good friends over at


Herschel Walker signed to fight with Strikeforce

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Herchell Walker

Herchell Walker

47 year old Heisman Trophy winner Herchel Walker has decided that he was the desire to fight saying “I’ll go in there and test myself against any 20 year old”. Walker who can frequently be seen attending many MMA events is a black belt in taekwondo and has had some experience in kempo and muay thai. Although Walker is cleary a great athlete, I must ask what the hell are you thinking?

Like many ex football players who are coming into this sport after having a career in football, I must ask this. Granted that football is a tough sport but there is no sport that is tougher than MMA and somehow after retiring from football, they think they can hang in a tougher sport with tougher training? I understand that at 47 Herschel Walker is in great shape and all but he is way over his head.

Last week we witnessed some of the training that the fighters on The Ultimate Fighter and we also witnessed a man in pain. That man who was in so much pain from training was retired NFL player Marcus Jones. Marcus Jones who is 11 years younger than Walker and is also in great shape was seen saying that the workout is nothing like the training in NFL and also said that MMA is a much harder sport. So we shall see how Walker feels after his 12 week training camp with Bob Cook over at American Kickboxing Academy.

Walker is set to compete in Strikforces heavyweight division which seems to be getting better and better just like the Strikeforce banner itself. So far there is no word who Walker will be fighting but as I betting man, I don’t think that it would be a familiar name and will most likely be some shlub like Jason Riley (who was recently KOed by Tim Sylvia in the first round). Either way, a lot of people will be watching this event and I’m sure that a lot of Americans would not be happy to see one of thier favorite All Americans go down.


UFC 103 medical suspensions. No more Cro Cop

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Mirko Cro Cop

Mirko Cro Cop

Vitor Belfort (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Rich Franklin (suspended until Oct. 20)

Junior Dos Santos (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (suspended indefinitely)

Paul Daley (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Martin Kampmann (suspended until Oct. 20)

Josh Koscheck (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Frank Trigg (suspended until Oct. 20)

Tyson Griffin (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Hermes Franca (suspended until Oct. 20)

Efrain Escudero (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Cole Miller (suspended until Oct. 20)

Tomasz Drwal (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Drew McFedries (suspended until Sept. 27)

Jim Miller (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Steve Lopez (suspended until Oct. 20)

Nick Lentz (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Rafaello Oliveira (suspended until Sept. 29)

Rick Story (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Brian Foster (suspended until Sept. 27)

Eliot Marshall (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Jason Brilz (suspended until Sept. 29)

Vladimir Matyushenko (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Igor Pokrajac (suspended until Sept. 29)

Rafael Dos Anjos (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Rob Emerson (suspended until Sept. 29)

Thanks to the great people over at

Mirko Cro Cop will be fighting at UFC 110 against “Big” Ben Rothwell. Check out details in the comments.