Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting Brett Rogers this fall

Brett Rogers calls Kimbo Slices performance Garbage
Brett Rogers calls Kimbo Slices performance “Garbage”

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker announced this morning that the number one ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko would be fighting Brett “The Grim” Rogers in the fall. The date although has yet to have been announced and we can most likely agree that it is because they want to time the fight so that they are not up against the Brock Lesnar/ Shane Carwin fight but we will see about that with the more we hear about it. Until then……..

Let’s take a little look at Emelianenko’s next opponent Brett “The Grim” Rogers. This man although having been undefeated in all of his 8 fights, was not well recognized in Elite XC due to Kimbo Slice. This all changed after Kimbo Slice won a controversial ref stoppage over UK fighter James Thompson. MMA fans started to recognize Brett Rogers after Rogers (fighting on the same card that night as Slice) was asked by a reporter what he thought about the fight with Rogers replying that he though Kimbo Slices “game” was “garbage”. Kimbo angered by this, stood up from his chair and said “that sounds like a challenge, big dog” (as seen in the picture above). This altercation ended quickly with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker getting in between and Rogers saying “it is what it is, and that was garbage”. MMA fans loved this since a lot felt Slice was over his head in this fighting game and Brett Rogers became known.
Brett Rogers became even more known after his 22 second bout with former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski ended with an impressive foreward KO. As a matter of fact, he KO’ed Arlovski faster than Fedor did. Brett Rogers if you look at my top ten https://thatmmaguy.wordpress.com/category/mma-rankings/ , he is there but the question is…….. Can he beat Fedor Emelianenko?

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