That MMA Guys Top Ten Fights

#10. Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira vs Frank Mir for UFC heavyweight interim championship at UFC 92

I enjoy this fight very much. This was a fight between the two toughest heavyweight submission artists in the sport and this ended up being more of a kickboxing match. It was clear in this fight that Frank Mir can’t only just get taken to the ground and follow it up by a submission victory, it also showed that Mir can strike and hold off for the finish. Mir knocked Nogueira on his ass in the first and again in the second but in the second Nogueira wasn’t getting up do to ref stoppage making Frank Mir the new heavyweight UFC interim champ.


#9 Anderson “The Spider” Silva vs Ryo Chonan at Pride Shockwave 2004

This is a fight that just proves how in the sport of MMA, anything can happen. During this fight, Anderson “The Spider” Silva was doing what he does best and that is winning the fight over Ryo Chonan until Ryo Chonan decided to throw this almost professional wrestling style maneuver to submit Anderson Silva out of nowhere. Amazing


#8 Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs Mark Moreno at Superbrawl ICON

I love me a good grudge match and this is exactly what this fight was. A little history behind this is when Jason “Mayhem” Miller fought and beat the Hawaii native Ronald Jhun, a riot brock out in the ring with fighter Mark Moreno sucker punching Mayhem Miller in the back of the head. I hate me a cheap shot and so does Mayhem. Mayhem Miller went in to this ring with revenge in mind and beat that crap out of Moreno just up until the end where he submitted Moreno with seconds left in the first round on purpose.


#7 Frank Shamrock vs Nick Diaz

This fight can be classified as a lot. It can be classified as a grudge match, new breed in MMA fighters match as well as a sportsmanship in MMA match. A lot of shit talking went on leading up to this fight with the typical old man and punk talk as well as getting in each others face and what not. In the end Nick Diaz beat on Frank Shamrock thru out this fight until stopping Shamrock from strikes at every angle. Even though the punk beat the old man in this fight and considering all the shit talking hat went down, the sportsmanship in MMA came out in Nick Diaz when he helped Shamrock up.


#6 Shane Carwin vs Gabriel Gonzaga

This fight was very interesting aswell as very short. These men were willing to stand up and standup they did until at one point Shane Carwin was rocked and Gonzaga took advantage of the situation securing the takedown but only for Shane to get up. Once Carwin got up he landed 2 straights that landed, a left then right and that was it for the big Brazilian.


#5 Fedor Emelianenko vs Fujita

This was the only fight that anyone has ever seen Fedor nearly go down and this proved to many that maybe he isn’t some Russian military experiment. Fujita nearly knocked out the baddest man on the planet and the fact that Fedor got his head together to pull of the W certified him as the Baddest Man in the Planet.


#4 Fedor Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia

This fight was set as Prides heavyweight champion against the UFC’s former heavyweight champion. Fedor who stands at 6 foot flat was up against 6 foot 8 Tim Sylvia. Fedor made quick money when he went in there and took down the big man with his fists and while Sylvia looked like he didn’t know what he was doing there, Fedor chocked his ass out. The look on Tim Sylvia’s face as he gets up tells us all.


#3 Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

This fight shows how technique is the key to this sport. It also shows that Anderson Silva can really box and I anticipate his fight with boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. I don’t want to describe anymore because I’m a Forrest Griffin fan.


#2 Anderson Silva vs Lee Murray

This fight was a classic you beat up my buddy fight. After on time MMA fighter turned bank robber Lee Murray KO’ed Anderson Silva’s friend Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons, Anderson Silva wanted the loud talker of an Englishman. This fight because it’s a grudge fight is action packed thru out the whole match with Anderson Silva winning via Unanimous decision. This would be Murrays last fight because he went on to mastermind the largest bank heist in history in the Securitas Depot.


#1 Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

This fight is why I love MMA. Hong Man Choi is 7 foot 2 inches tall, a foot and 2 inches taller than Emelianenko. In this sport skill will beat size most of the time and this fight proved how skillfull Emelianenko is. Although Hong Man Choi just seems to lay on Fedor most of the time, Fedor is comfortable from his back and proved so when he tapped out the big man with an armbar from the bottom. Fantastic fight and my favorite one to show my friends that are interested in getting into the sport.



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