Fedor Emelianenko’s Camp is Afraid of the UFC

Fedor with Mad Russian manager Vadim Finklestein

Fedor with "Mad Russian" manager Vadim Finklestein

Fedor Emelianenko and his management have accepted a 3 fight deal with the smaller American MMA organization Strikeforce. Really? Why would the number one ranked heavyweight fighter in the world sign with an organization that will make him less money? It’s my belief that his “Mad Russian” management are worried about Fedors legacy as well as there promotion which uses Fedor as the face.

Let me just say before I continue that I believe in no way is Fedor afraid to fight anyone in the world but I believe their management is worried about the possibilty. Lets just take in consideration for a second what Fedors only personal problem was with the UFC and I do not mean cross promotion. Fedor has always said that the UFC wasn’t very world wide and that most fight occured in the US although the UFC has been in Canada, Europe aswell as Japan and have been trying to permit the UFC in other countries. This being said and knowing how Fedor feels about international fighting, Why is he fighting in an American organization such as Strikeforce that have only ever held fights in the US of A?

I believe that it is because of his extremely protective “Mad Russian” management. Think about this. How many organizations are going under? Why did Elite XC go bankrupt after their poster child Kimbo Slice got KO’d for the first time? It’s because smaller organizations than the UFC such as M1 Global pride themself over 1 or 2 fighters when UFC has too many to count.

Look at it this way. The UFC heavyweight division has never been more stacked than it has been today. That being said, with such great fighters, anyone can lose at anytime including Fedor Emelianenko. We have seen it all before with such fights like Lesnar vs Mir 1. But if Fedor were to lose in the UFC and lose his crown of #1 heavyweight in the world, M1 Global would be nothing and shortly crumble just like Elite XC. Knowing that it’s a smart move by those “Mad Russians” but it’s not the reason we watch the sport we watch and I think Fedors stuck in shitty place considering he will not be fighting the best at 32. Fedor Emelianenkos own brother and fellow heavyweight fighter has also came out with statements regarding the puppeteers that are Fedors management. “I don’t know why my brother would not fight in the UFC, I think that it’s bc his management are only in for the best interest in themselves”.

That being said Fedor should only fight the best and he is no position to do so in Strikeforce. I think it’s safe to say that Fedors management is afraid of losing there shitty MMA organization which is keeping us fans from watching the best fights in the sport.

Up yours you greedy Russian management. Your promotion is going down because you are losing fans with this and your not gonna get the fans that you would in the UFC. Lay off the Vodka Vadim Finkelstein, (President of M1 Global and Fedors manager) your promotion is done bc you only ever had one Fedor Emelianenko

-That MMA Guy

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