MMA FAN DAMNATION (The UFC has failed to sign Fedor)

With every fan in MMA awaiting the news that Fedor Emelianenko will be in the UFC come July 31st, the MMA world was stunned when finding out that Fedor would still not be fighting the best of the best in the UFC or the wrecking machine that is Brock Lesnar. This is a huge bummer for any superfight and also for the sport of MMA.


Dana White announced at 2pm EST that they tried everything with the “Mad Russians” but could not pull of a deal due to cross promotion issues which essentially meant that any Fedor event, M1 Global would split the profits 50/50 with the UFC. Dana wasn’t having it and did offer a smaller percentage of the take but the “Mad Russians” would not budge. Since negotiations on either side would budge, knowing Dana White he most likely said “fuck it, I don’t have time for this”.

Now I truly believe that this Brock Lesnar superfight will not happen, where does that leave the dominant Heavyweight Champ? Is there anyone that can beat this guy that can be or is already in the UFC heavyweight division?

Well the press conference was a lot less exciting and more upsetting than I previously thought with Dana White basically announcing the same thing he did tuesday which was Tito Ortiz is back in the UFC lightheavyweight division and that the UFC picked up 20 Affliction fighters, non of which was Fedor. Where does that leave Brock? Some would say that no1 will beat Brock, hell a lot of ppl said Fedor couldn’t beat Brock. But I’ll tell you something, at UFC 104, 2 very qualafied Heavyweight fighters will be fighting for the chance at Brocks title and those two men are Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez. Both men come from similar wrestling experience as Brock and both men have more experince in MMA.
I know what your saying, your saying so what if they wrestled too and have more experience, Brock is an unstoppable force with lunchbox hands…… he will wreck them. Not so fast there pro wrestling fan. Carwin and Velasquez and not to be taken lightly at all and lets take a look to why that is.
Cain Velasquez (6-0)  is one tough son of a sinorita and has been competing like Lesnar since high school wrestling. With his dominating wrestling control of Cheick Kongo at UFC 99, it’s no surprise that Velasquez is a 2 time AA collegiate wrestler from Arizona State as well as a 2 time 5A state champion wrestler. Although a 6foot1 235, he would be at a size advantage to Lesnar bc Frank Mir is a larger man than Velasquez and we all saw how Lesnar handeled Mir. But Velasquez has great wrestling as well so this bout would most likely be on it’s feet the whole time, if Velasquez who trains with American Kickbox Academy was smart, this is what he would do against Lesnar.
Shane Carwin is the only man in MMA who has a past and giant figure much like Brocks. Carwin a NCAA division 2 heavyweight wrestling champion in 1999 is undefeated in his 11 fights and none of those 11 fights have gone past the 1st round. WOW, this full time engineer and father who also has time to train for UFC is who I believe is the one to take out Brock and a lot of Brock haters (I’m not one) want to see this happen to the ex WWE Pro Wrestler. I don’t think it’s hard to argue when you look at Carwins most recent KO against the big Brazilian that Cro-Copped (deadly left headkick that ends with a KO) Mirko Crocop.
But once again we must wait to see what will happen. we have 3 more UFC events til the Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez matchup. In my opinion Carwin will go on to beat Velasquez and aswell as Lesnar when he gets the title shot, but we will see.

4 Responses to “MMA FAN DAMNATION (The UFC has failed to sign Fedor)”

  1. Ehhh Fedor’s loss. UfC would have made him more money.

    • thatmmaguy Says:

      Very true. Dana also said that at the conference. He said that there is no way that any other MMA fight organizations can get him the money and the American exposure

  2. peterjustason Says:

    Too bad Fedor did go to UFC. Would have been an interesting championship. Do you think they are delaying him joining on purpose?

    • thatmmaguy Says:

      I do no think so bc in this case I believe that it’s Fedors camp that has the issue. But some could argue that Dana might be waiting for Brock to collect more experience in the MMA world before such a challenging bout to 30-1 Fedor Emelianenko. Lesnar although he is champ is still concidered to be green and I also believe that 4 pro MMA fights makes Lesnar very Green

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